Best Clone shield?

There’s plenty of stuff about good weapons for clone. I’m wondering, what are the best shields? Does the Infernal Wish work for clone? I know the Version 0.m is supposed to be pretty good.

Just for reference, this is a Clone / Drone build going down to red and blue capstones and half the purple tree. Main damage is from Violent Momentum and Clone. Weapons are all going to be ones which are best for Clone.

It does, and it kills him if you don’t use super slow firing weapons.


Also, Revolter is good AFAIK. Old God is OK. There are probably others too

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I’m wondering if the Super Soldier could potentially be an all around good shield. Zane has enough shield abilities, and speed to dodge attacks, that it could benefit both clone and Zane.

Revolter is probably the best for damage imo. Stick the clone somewhere so he takes damage and his shield breaks then move him away so he doesn’t actually die.

Haven’t tried super soldier but may have a bash later on today to see how it fares.

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The 0.m is best if u use the shoulder cannon with it. That way you can put multiple clone damage boosting circles around him at all times.