Best Co-op couch Xbox 360 game? Suggestions please!

So, I recently got given an Xbox 360; APART from Borderlands, what would be the most fun I could have on the couch with my other half?

Oh, stop.

You know what I mean.

Left for Dead is if you want an arcade-y hoard shooter.

That’s really all I can think of. Most games now don’t have couch co-op.

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Portal 2 has a complete co-op campaign that can be played in split screen. First DLC is free aswell (hopefully still is).

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Red dead redemption

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
Left 4 Dead.

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Both Army of Two 1 and 2 are good games in my opinion, Gear of War
series too, if you are looking for a game with a good story and good
gameplay, and the best part, all then can be played in offline mode.

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Food for thought here.

Thankyou, everyone!

Some ol’ fun (and cheap) XBLA games with couch co-op:
-Phantom Breaker: BattleGrounds (this one is anime as hell though, so there is that.)
-Castle Crashers
-BattleBlock Theater

Also every Halo game on 360.

Looking like halo and red dead might be given a shot. Gears of war, also. Maybe portal 2, but I played that on pc…but maybe Gail should experience that gem at some point.

That’s our autumn and winter evening activities sorted then!

Oooh Caballos got a good one. Castle Crashers. Good, simple mayhem that game is.

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