Best Com for Geminuke?

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The title kinda says it all, but not quite.

I’m working on my second Axton. My first is a pretty standard cookie cutter, and he’s been wearing a Legendary Soldier ever since he found it. I’m aiming at a Geminuke build with a loose Torgue/Tediore allegiance this go around, and at 56 he got legendary Soldier out of the loot train. Since then he’s been pretty beasty. I had been planning on swapping to a Legendary Engineer I got out of a tubby a few playthroughs back, but I’m starting to think that would go better with my my original Double Up/Gemini set up because the reload boost from +5 Ready is awfully nice for Tediore reloads.
For reference, this is the 72 build the original runs (wearing the Leg Soldier now)

And the build I’m working on at 61 (also wearing a Leg Soldier now)

Thoughts @Piemanlee? Anyone else you think I should ping for advice?

Thanks in advance peeps. :v:

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Legendary engineer is my favorite Axton com.

i hate nuke, so i hardly ever used it

but engineer seems like a good fit for a Gemini/nuke build

As for the 26/15/26 build. Id consider dropping 1 from impact and 4 from expertise to max out metal storm

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I’ve never used the nuke, so that’s why I’m aiming to try it, and because of the Torgue/Tediore thing I think the buff to Ready is too good to give up. I was thinking that the 26/15/26 is more turret focused, so the Engineer would be more advantageous. As for the points, I’ve got that guy at OP2 and not even tried at OP3 yet, so I’m sure some respec tweaks will be in order eventually. I’ve never really been eager to spec into kill skills, but when CrAxton hits the wall I’m sure I will. Also, I’ll be all about throwing up the Pie signal when it comes to that. :grin:

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Yeah giving up +5 to ready hurts. With 26/15/26 legendary solider is normally my go to.

The Gemini/nuke build would be all about nuke spam in my eyes, so maxing out cooldown rate with the engineer and a bone.

But honestly most of my builds ended up with double up being the only capstone

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For my GemiNuke build I use the Legendary Ranger. ( that build is from memory, so might not be exactly right )
It focuses on kill skills ; the turret is basically there for Nuking (ok damage in sub OP levels ; but great for knock-back) and Battlefront.

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@Jefe I do have a legendary Ranger com at 71. That seems like it might be worth a shot when I get there, although that’s still a little ways off and I don’t usually spec heavy into kill skills (except for Krieg of course). The shield buffs seem like they would be nice with those purple Tediore shields though.

@Piemanlee I currently rock a 34ish% cooldown relic that, in conjunction with 5/5 Resourceful and the com bonus, keeps my cooldown pretty short. If it weren’t for the sluggish reloads of Torgue guns and the benefits of almost instant Tediore reloads I would not have even asked the question, tbh.

I guess the pertinent question is would +5 to Resourceful be more advantageous than +5 to Ready in the circumstances I’ve set up for myself?

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Deadly Bloom too!

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I have a level 70 waiting in the bank and I’m saving the quest for 72. It’s something I have been planning for. :grin:

(Off topic: I started reading the New York Trilogy. Finished the first two parts and will probably read the third shortly, I just have an easier time pausing video games when my son cries than putting a book down. I definitely see the similarities to Murakami. I’m liking it thus far. Thanks for the recommendation.:+1:)

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End of the derailment, I promise :wink:

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My mind is one big derailment, I never mind and almost don’t notice when it happens. I’ll watch this video later, thanks for the link.

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How is your PS3 doing with those nukes you are throwing? it mess up on my PS3 before so I am not fond of it.

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Not my favorite (Legendary Ranger :hear_no_evil:) , but when my Dahl Commando (who packs a Geminuke build) is going full Nuke and not just firing them off occasionally when the situation calls for it, the Legendary Engineere COM returns the fastest cooldown to get Nuke back on deck (assuming points in Resourceful), plus it’s otherwise decent.

Ready vs Resourcefulness, for me, would depend on how often I want to repeatedly fire Nuke in a given mob (there’s generally plenty of time for cooldown between mobs without). In practice, not that often, so I lean towards Ready (but my build has both maxed anyway).

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@nat_zero_six I don’t know yet. My plan was to start UVHM with Gemini, Mag Lock, and Longbow, build to Scorched Earth and then finish the middle tree to get to Nuke. Hearing it did bad things to your PS3 makes me worry a little because I have a first gen (read: damn near ancient) PS3, but I’ll let you know when I get there.

@Adabiviak I was thinking along those same lines, that rapid fire Nukes wouldn’t be the general tactic, which is why I was thinking that staying with the Leg Soldier for the bonus to Ready would be a better move. I imagine that the nukes would be best to either make an entrance (nobody expects the nuclear introduction!!!, so to speak), or as a "get out of my face rabid @$*#¥₩€!!! button, and therefore cooldown might be less important to my playstyle. I would also like both skills maxed if possible.

I suspect that I’ll try every possible permutation before I make a final type decision, but I think I may be going Engineer for my standardish cookie cutter and Soldier with the GemiNuke until I have more options open to me.

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It’s really hard to beat the Legendary Soldier with Axton… it’s even got pretty good cooldown. If you’re not playing allegiance, I’d add singularity grenades to the mix, and really toss enemies around.

Have you run a Geminuke before? The double knockback is wonderful… knocking enemies off cliffs, into (now exploding) barrels, into a corner (where they’re “pinned” by the turrets), where softened enemies die from the blast, or just knocking an enemy back and forth because screw that guy.

These Nukes are brought to you by the UCP (I’m fairly certain that a pair of stock Nukes couldn’t kill an otherwise healthy Scavenger).

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I haven’t run a Geminuke before, but I like the sound of it, that’s why I figured I’d level up my second Axton this way. I’ve only played the level 72 build I posted above, but I love the way different setups affect the way I play and wanted to see how this worked for me. You’re probably right about stock nukes not being able to frag a Scavenger outright, but I like knockback and making an entrance so I think I’ll probably like it anyway (thanks for the video, you are certainly Pandora’s premier videographer.). Also, this is my first brush with allegiance, loose though it may be (Torgue/Tediore/Maliwan sniper [mostly to not eliminate an ammo type from my repertoire]). I got a Quasar from the train that is in the backpack, but haven’t used it (I wouldn’t want to offend RNGSUS by vendoring something so dear). I have been pretty loyal (relics and coms notwithstanding) except for Hornets and Teapots (although I’ve had neither since TVHM), and a level 35 magic missile I twinked over from my Gaige. It’s given me a new appreciation for Tediore reloads, which have gotten me many second winds and earned a special place in my heart. I don’t think I have the stones for absolute allegiance, but this experience has definitely been positive thus far. I would definitely be open to other variations on the allegiance theme in the future.

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When I dinged 63 I put a point in by accident, so I respecced. When I respecced I took your suggestion, @Piemanlee, and specced Metal Storm. This is what AxTNT is running now at 64.

All I can say is damn. Dropping adds during the Sorceror’s Daughter fight shortened her life span significantly.
@nat_zero_six I’ll be reporting on how my PS3 handles the nukes in 3 or 4 levels when I get the requisite skill points. I think I’ll be filling in Metal Storm and Expertise (I want to relegate the Magic Missile to regen duty and rock Fastballs/Rolling Thunders/Bonus Packages, so I’ll be trying to slag and swap more, and at 72 I’ll send Salvester to get a Big Boom Blaster from Pete to try and mitigate the need for regen) until I get there.

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No love for Grit?

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #18

Not from me. It’s not a skill that I ever put much faith in despite other people swearing by it.

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I love the idea of Grit, and my original Axton is specced for it, but I honestly can’t remember if/when it has ever worked for me. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t, just that I haven’t noticed. Is there a sound, or is there a card that pops up by the XP bar?

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There is a sound that sounds like “tang” but it cannot be heard because of all the noises out there, skill card is also visible in the HUD.