Best Com for Geminuke?

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Ok. I’ll take CrAxton out and see if I notice the procs. Maybe keep my eyes open for coms that boost it. I want to say the TTAODK Ranger coms do, and maybe the Leg Ranger?

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Grit is good when boosted to 10 or 11, but i personally don’t like it. A full blown tank Axton(not the health gate build) does sound pretty fun tho



Yes. And the Leg/Pointman.

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Yeah, just got off the wiki on that one. Cue the sad trombone. Haven’t seen a Leg Pointman yet, but I’m sure one will pop up sooner or later. The TTAODK coms I’ve seen a bunch of, but the only one I’ve ever kept up to now was a Monk com. I guess I’ll think on it before I sell the next one.

I know what I’ll do with Axton 3.0 when I drain the tank I’m keeping that clone in (although that will probably wait until I get a few other 2.0s up and running). :wink:

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So, at level 69 I got the point in Nuke.

The plan for the last 3 points is Able.

@nat_zero_six I haven’t done much with the Nuke specced except for melting the snowman and grabbing the two red chests from the box canyon and cliff in Gingerton, but so far my PS3 hasn’t gotten mad at me over the Nukes I’ve thrown. I’ll ride this build to the Warrior and see if it becomes a problem.

Is there a reason a tediore chucking axton build was never added to his official builds list?
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I nuked plenty of things on my PS3 but didn’t ran Geminuke back then.
That’s what I’m doing right now and I missed the Nuke. Not for the damage but for the crowd control. I love having one in reserve after throwing the first Turret. Made farming Pimon & Tumbaa amidst the different rabbids much easier.
COM wise Retsam is sporting a Leg Engineer with skills really close to what you shown. Work fine with my build/playstyle.

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I debated the com for a while, but eventually decided that the Tediore/Torgue quasi-allegiance was better served by the reload speed buff than the cooldown offered by the Leg Engineer. I am, however, going to try that on CrAxton (cookie cutter in OP) and see how he fares. Also, I think I am using the Nuke pretty close to the way you describe, and that seems to be far more practical than spamming nukes would be.

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If you’re talking about the Leg Soldier I totally approve. My build is somewhat of an hybrid in between. That’s probably why we’re so close skill wise. I guess I’m just trying to move away from the “Basic Leg COM.”
Never been a fan of Tediore so there’s that.

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That was how this started, but it became apparent that I would benefit more from the one than the other (Torgue really loves the reload buff), that’s why I decided to swap coms with CrAxton.

I have come to believe that Tediore is a criminally underrated manufacturer. As guns they are perfectly average on a whole, some of them are actually pretty good (I like their etech pistols and plasma casters, but I only really like their redtext shotguns), and the gimmick is a fantastic source of burst dps (especially smgs). I refer to this toon in my thoughts as “Second wind by Tediore” because it happens so often. If you’re not Axton specced into Do or Die they’re effectively grenades you can toss during FFYL (my low level challenge Maya leaned on a Tediore pistol for that for a long time), and if you are Axton they only get more potent. I’m certainly a convert.


Tediore PCs are definitely one of the best multifunction guns in the game. An SMG and a Topneaa in one.

Honestly I kind of forgot about using these things - time to pull them out again!

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Are you saying that the reload and/or projectile behaves in a similar way to a Topneaa? Do they have a larger blast radius than your average smg reload? I thought the margin for error was wider than with my regular smg reloads, but I just assumed I was getting lucky with the splash.


I was just saying you have a mini launcher. Nothing to do with splash or radius or anytime that. I chose the Top just because it’s the first E-Tech launcher I thought of :grin:

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That is a fair comparison. They certainly work exceedingly well for second winds.