Best COMBO EVER, class mod and Weapon

I’m running Amara.
Volatile Raining Nimbus (class mod)
+2 tempest
+3 Conflux
31% SMG Damage
+45% Hyperion Weapon Critical Damage

Use any SMG, ESPECIALLY any Hyperion SMG and you’ll destroy everything. I’m running several Legendary Redistributor(s) and Crossroad(s)
Both of those are Hyperion

I’m proud of it, so I’ll chip in.

Moze, Marksman mod

+1 Redistribution
+4 Scorching RPM’s
+15% Vladof fire rate
+54% weapon spin up

With a double bazoomy with over 13 fire rate, and all of the fire rate bonuses, I estimate I’m past 20 rounds a second on alt fire mode. And it’s just a purple. I had to change my build to have bigger mags because I kept running out.

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