Best combo in your opinion

I was just curious as to what you think is the best combination of two characters in pvp excluding the miko and Montana combo its been talked about enough on here. I would have to say maybe the most powerful combo I’ve seen is gault and Reyna (maybe even better than miko/montana). Reynas overshield gives gault that lil extra he needs to keep pushing ahead. And since reyna doesn’t have to worry about constantly healing like miko she can assist in taking down enemies.

Also the most annoying one I’ve played against is OM and WF…grenades for days lol

Reyna and Tobes:

After unlocking Reyna’s lore a while back and was like… Wuuuuhhhhh!? My friend went shield Draining(Skill Damage, Cooldown, Damage) and I went full on Damage, Cooldown/Speed, and Damage Reduction gear. Oh man were we a big Threat to everyone besides Galilea and Phoebe coming at us with their ULTS

Ghalt chain pull to scraptrap to alani bubble.
Kleese Black hole to alani
simple affective

Galilea pull to Orendi lvl 10 mutation Shadow fire pillar storm.

Yea there’s alot of things you can do with Alani and just about every other character. But I have a feeling the she will be very different once they nerf her and they will

Any two characters with stuns.

Any two characters with slowing or pull and an AoE ult. (For example, Ghalt hooks an enemy into a scraptrap underneath oscar mikes ult or any other AoE like Phoebe’s = dead)

Alani + miko (the 2 most unbalanced ones in my opinion)
Their team is immortal and the match is boring <3

Miko+Orendi is one of my fav combos

Orendi is quite squishy, but Miko makes up for that and makes Orendi amazing at lane clearing and player killing! ;D

Alani+Ghalt is amazing.

Miko+Phoebe, even though Phoebe sometimes likes to phasegate away and leave the poor shroom with the entire enemy team.
Rip :mushroom:

OH! Miko+Boldur
This team is so amazing. Every time Boldur gets toomuch damage, he can hold up his shield and get healed back so he can continue the fight. :open_mouth: