Best Corrosive Shotgun on Zer0?

I have a Corrosive Practical Butcher on my Commando that I never use because it just seems to lack POP and goes through Ammo like no tommorrow.

Would it be decent on Zer0?

I also have a Corrosive Interfacer somewhere on a Mule…but I read that Velocity just screws the Interfacer badly. Is this true??

Slow Hands can’t Crit…big splash though…and healing…

Is your best bet still the tried and true Conference Call??

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CC for mobbing DPS, corrosive Omen for coming out of Deception, maybe?

If you’re looking for a good anti-robot shotgun on Zero, then I’d suggest forgetting the need to have corrosive and just use a Twister. Amazing synergy with B0re, Velocity, One Shot One Kill, Ambush, Deception bonus, Two Fang, critical hits in general, and just packs a massive punch by itself. But if you want a good corrosive shotgun for some reason, or you don’t have a Twister I suggest…

  • Jolly Rodger
  • Sledge’s Shotgun

Preferably with the +50% crit accessory.


  • Butcher - Yes it burns through ammo, but it works really well with B0re and smart play/enemy drops should make the ammo not an issue. (I wouldn’t recommend any other corrosive Hyperion SG on Zero for mobbing)
  • Omen - I love the Omen, but I never could get it to work on 10/5 Velocity Zero like @stupid_red_x could.

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Thanks K…You are right…Twister is just the cat’s meow on Zer0

Velocity is bad on a Conference Call I suppose…just like on an Interfacer?

And I know the Deliverance is a good one for chucking as it shoots in flight and I have seen it litterally B0re the crap out of Bunk3r.

But could a Corrosive Deliverance be decent on Zer0 for chucking AND shooting??

Jolly Rodger I thought of…but Sledges Shotgun I had not even considered…thanks!!


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Did some research…A lot of yays and nays on using a Conference Call with Zer0…

Some like it WITH Velocity…some don’t

I like the Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral Coms…

Both use velocity so I guess I will have to test this to see if I like it or not.

I have a good Practicable Shock CC I use on Craw…so that’s what I will use.

People seem to forget that the special effect in this gun is that it adds ammo to the mag. It also has a firerate of 7,7 (depending a bit on parts, ofc). And finally it has a really good accuracy.

A Practicable Butcher is ALWAYS a good option for all elements.


I don’t see why it would be since the extra pellets spawn whenever you fire the shotgun. The Interfacer, however, has that trick where some of the pellets split off before joining the main grouping, which is why Velocity isn’t a good idea with it because the grouping occurs much farther away. I’d try a CC with both Velocity specced and not specced, John, I doubt you’ll notice much of a difference in the firing pattern.

So many times now, I go to a question and @khimerakiller already said pretty much what I was going to.

Let’s see…

Zero’s strengths and abilities:
Good accuracy (so inaccurate shotguns are not a problem)
Better on the first shot (OSOK, Deception etc…) So fire rate is not an issue either, and bigger bore are a better deal (and the Hyperion gimmick is detrimental)
Crit bonuses
Awesome reload speed bonuses

All this screams Jakobs to me, but corrosive Jakobs are few to say the least. Between the crit bonus, the bore-ing pellets, low mag size and Shock bone/Deception/Unforseen synergy, The Twister is an absolutely perfect match for Zero

Second best would be Bandit or Tediore based on your criterias, but there are no special big bore Tediore shotguns.

That leaves Bandit, and the one that works the best for Zero IMO is the Jolly Roger.
The Sledge’s is very good, but I’m pretty sure the second shot in the burst doesn’t benefit from Deception or OSOK bonuses. It also doesn’t get the full bonus from Two Fangs If my memory serves me well. (the Jolly roger gets a full extra shot out of 2F, but the sledge’s doesn’t get a full extra burst.

I have a special fondness for the Roksalt, but I wouldn’t recommend it here.

I say Nay…

Velocity is indeed bad on the CC since you need a minimum distance from your target before the extra pellets spawn, and velocity forces you to be farther away.

Anyway, the CC, just like most Hyperion shotguns, is a DPS weapon, better suited for sustained fire rather than devastating single attacks, which is what Zero is mostly about

I STRONGLY urge you to give the Professional COM a fair shake. It doesn’t look like much on paper, but I think it is the best (non-unique) generalist Cunning/Bore COM out there for Zero. Most of the bonuses the Professional and Rogue COMs give can be matched, but the Professional offers a bit more on top IMO. Either a blue or purple are good.

Also, try the Legendary Killer …seriously :slight_smile:
Even better than the Professional :stuck_out_tongue:


A little off topic since we are talking about corrosive…but what about a Heartbreaker with a Fire BoA
Critical Version
Spec Velocity, Precision and TwoFang
Throw in a Chaotic Neutral Rogue

Not quite a Butcher FR…but more pellets with a tighter pattern from Velocity and Precision
AND it heals!

Oh and I have heard that Velocity is bad for the Twister…yet I was B0ring the ever lovin’ crap out of Hyperious with it with Velocity at 11/5.

Didn’t feel like a problem to me.

So why is it bad??

I’m no expert on the Twister as I’ve only had one of those ever so this might be wrong but without Velocity the same bullet can bore more times than it does if you have Velocity which makes the tornado move forward faster.

As far as boring with interconnecting hitboxes (like hyperius having a loader “inside” him) goes it doesn’t really matter. If you can set that up you could blow him up with a lvl 1 pistol.


Like @Lammas said.
The Twister is still awesome sauce with velocity, but without it, those pellets have more time to do their little in-and-out dance inside the bodies of your targets, resulting in more bore hits.

Little rule of thumb :

Normal gun with normal bullet behavior : velocity good

Gun with special effect: velocity bad

It’s pretty much true 99% of the time.


Pfffttt I think I have a Butcher, but I never use it with him. I just pick off Buzzards with my corrosive Lyuda and that’s really the only corrosive thing he uses. lmao

Twister and Blockhead take care of everything else for the most part. I do like the Interfacer, but once again, I just never have a need for it.

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When I first offered a possible answer here, I was focused on the question, itself. This time around, I’m going to give the “where the rubber meets the road” answer:

I don’t really use shotguns on Zero. The only two corrosive guns I’ve used for about the past month are a Pimpernel and an Infinity. With 3/5 Precision (8/5 with L Sniper com) and 5/5 One with the Gun, the hip fire accuracy of the Pimp lends itself nicely to shotgun use. For flyers, Disturbed Stalker and a corrosive Infinity are a perfect pair.

My preferred fire Shotgun on Zero is a Blockhead with a Jacobs grip.

Is there anyway that Velocity also increase the rate at which the Tornado spins as well? Resulting in a win-win.


Not that I know of.

I never formally tested this though, I just played casually with both cases and found no velocity to be much better.

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[quote=“johnrr6, post:4, topic:1556468”]But could a Corrosive Deliverance be decent on Zer0 for chucking AND shooting??[/quote]Ambush and Innervate think it could be fun: toss the reload during Decepti0n to get all those bonuses added to the in-flight damage. In practice, it’s not often that the Deliverance is in flight long enough to really enjoy those bonuses, but it’s pretty fun regardless.

Also: try the Butcher with a lot of Two Fang on deck. I’m not sure why, but it seems to fire its fake 5 Shots or 6 routine more often?

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