Best cryo weapon for bosses? non sniper

Two time Zim ?

i am using chronicler of elpis build


What is the best prefix of fatale ?

I like Corporate but Rightsizing or Proactive seem to be the consensus favorites.

I use a Fatale all the time for mobbing but the question is in regards to bosses. In such situations (the Sentinel/EOS/Eclipse, etc.) I’d be more prone to use a cryo blaster (got a nice glitched Maliwan one) to lay on a bit of cryo. The Fatale just seems so pew-pew for bosses… But, @BookEmDano is more of a master than I. May have to wait for @Ha_Na to weigh in for the final word!

Admittedly, my previous response was rather short sighted. I’m thinking in terms of an unshielded Empyrean Sentinel or Eclipse that you can crit.

Fatale (Hyperion grip + Damage or Bullet Speed+Fire Rate acc + Piercing Rounds or Punisher luneshine)
Fast Talker (Scav or Maliwan grip + Cryo element + Damage or Bullet Speed+Fire Rate acc)
Absolute Zero (Maliwan grip)
Rosie (Cryo element)
Bullpup (Hyperion grip + Cryo element + Vertgrip acc)
T4s-R (Hyperion grip + Cryo element + Damage acc)

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I suggest you take a look at the Top Gear thread, plenty of cryo guns there. Depending on the boss, I prefer a cryo bullpup or cryo badaboom while having Frigid Touch active.

Glitched cryo Thinking shotgun is one of my faves