Best Dahl weapon wielder?

While playing all my old toons for a few hours I noticed something: I still love Dahl weaponry. It sounds awesome, handles smoothly and looks absolutely badass and sexy at the same time. Even though most guns are inferior to a lot of alternatives in the DPS department I definitely want to start a new character with only Dahl weapons (and maybe some other Dahl stuff).

But which class is able to maximize Dahl weaponry performance?

  • Athena would be a no-go for me.
  • Wilhelm would fit from a roleplaying perspective (soldier/mercenary, etc.) but I’m not sure I’d like that combination.
  • Nisha could go crazy with these things while in showdown. Especially the Major Tom would be good because of Trick Shot. But ADS while in Showdown still feels unsatisfying.
  • Claptrap is Claptrap. I don’t like this class.
  • I don’t know much about Jack and the synergies he could bring to the table regarding Dahl stuff.
  • Aurelia seems to have the most synergies. Freeze on button press for easier crits and increased aim (ADS) speed.

What do you think about that?

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I have used Dahl weapons very effectively on Wilhelm. Overcharge takes care of the ammo issues caused by Dahl Miniguns and Snipers. Escalation and Targeting Scope also work well with the high accuracy of Dahl.

Dahl weapons are obviously most effective when you are in ADS. During that time you move slow and are generally more vulnerable. Wilhelm has two things to counter this issue: good survival skills and Wolf’s aggro draw.

I guess Nisha would be most effective with Dahl’s, but she just isn’t very fun to play for me, so I’m going to have to go with Wilhelm. I don’t have any experience with the DLC characters though so I can’t recommend them.

Nisha does very well with Dahl, except pistols where they don’t get the most of her skills.

She absolutely rocks with Snipers: while you ADS during showdown, she will actually lock onto the next target mid-burst, making them not the ammo waster they usually are.

She does well with the Major Tom because of trick shot.

With Lasers, the Dahl piercing effect has weird interactions with Unforgiven: it will either bore like Zero on the Bunker resulting in a few-hits kill… or crash your console… Typically the later.

Willy seem to come to mind, as a red glitched repeater or minigun can take advantage of Targeting Scope. However, Nisha is the best for Weapons that fire objects that damage enemies :wink: I mean you could pick literally anything and Nisha is the best with it. If you dont take the FtH capstone you can add Dahl Railguns to the previous two weapons and call it a day.

I mean all you really need is the Fridgia and you can do a run with any character.