Best Digistruct Solo Setup

I personally like the Bee with magic missles and 2x harolds like this video:

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Depends, what character are we talking about.

My Zer0 is

Antagonist Shield
Sticky Homing Bonus Package
Sheriff’s badge
Legendary Hunter

On the sideboard for fast regen: Hide of Terra & Evolution

Other side stuff:
Slag Railer
Sticky Homing Slag Transfusion
Sticky Homing Quasar
Vault Hunter Relic (for the final boss)

Vault hunter relic only increases your chance of getting a green in place of a white, by the time you get to Sanctuary on normal difficulty it’s useless. If you finish DigiPeak on OP8 however, you’re guaranteed a pearleacent.

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No, it decreases your chance of getting a white, thereby very very very slightly increasing your chances of getting everything else, all the way to Legendary.

I will stack the deck in my favor as much as I possibly can.

Additionally you are NOT guaranteed a Pearl. I have completed it and not gotten one before. Definately more than once, my first time I was like “WTF?!”.

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Really? Not getting a pearl? You sure it wasn’t a lower level run?

If it’s not guaranteed and have its own chance, then the Pearl drop will likely not be affected by the VH Relic, just like other assigned drop legendaries/uniques.

100000% Sure. My first run through after OP8. Either it didn’t drop or it went off world (fell through map, went off cliff). I scoured the area he spawns just in case.

I know VH won’t work for that, but I like stacking the deck for the rest of the drops. The only times I can actually say it is working is the few crazy lucky things I’ve found, like a CC dropping from a spiderling.

I’m asking if it was lower level run because OP7 run has the worst spawns except for a single Saturn and can be harder than OP8 runs.

That’s gotta be veeery bad luck. I mean if it has a drop rate on the Pearl drop, it’s probably like 90% and RNG decided you are on the 10% of the pool without a Pearl.

That is status quo for me. For example, Today with a mule and 2 VH relics:

Killed Pyro Pete Ultra
Killed Hyperius
Farmed Varkids
Farmed Spiderants (& Black Queen)
Killed Blue
Killed BA Creeper
Killed Gettle & Mobley
Killed Mr. Tinder (& looted train)
Killed Doc Mercy
Killed Savage Lee
Farmed Treasure Room x2

All I got:
A crappy O-Neg
A crappy Evolution
A crappy Neogenator (from Treasure Chest)

Also interesting, the ENTIRE Caustic Caverns run, not 1 Thresher spawned.

Are you sure the pearls aren’t being thrown over the edge? I’m easily over 100 runs, with a pearl every time.

Not that I noticed, but I suppose it is possible.

That is something I’d like fixed for BL3

IF there is a boss with a supposedly fixed drop, that is! :stuck_out_tongue:

My best setup in Peak would be melee Zer0 with a Pimp and CC in green flavor, accompanied by a Bee occasionally. A Fastball could be a backup against pesky Surveyors too, but CC already melts them when aimed properly. A Hide of Terra is the best shield for melee Zer0, but as I don’t have one, a simple Order can be grabbed from a quest.

You do your own thing, but a 0.0001% increase in chance of good drop is very slim a payoff for using 1/8th of the items you can equip.

It was tested here before, and the difference was down to statistical noise.
(I.E. It doesn’t work)