Best DLC in all of the BL's

While I wait for the last (or 4th) DLC for BL3 to drop, I was thinking back over all the DLC’s of the past borderlands. What are your thoughts on the best of them?
To me it’s the tiny tina dragon quest. It was fun, had a lot of side quests and was the only ending of a video game that ever evoked any emotion at least for me.
And while I’m at it…The worst though it might be unfair since this one isn’t out yet.
For me the worst was the claptrap one in the pre sequel. But I really hate jumping.

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Claptrastic voyage was by far the best IMO, tiny tina’s level design is quite bad and labyrintic


Definitely between Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, and Claptastic Voyage. I really liked the final boss in Claptastic Voyage, so might give the edge to that.


WHAT !!! This is the pinnacle of gaming. No game before was better, or since. How can you not like a game that has not one, not two, but three bosses at the end. The last two practically raid bosses :slight_smile:

In all seriousness I really liked the Claptastic Voyage. Loved the glitch weapons. Decent side missions. Accept ‘Teh Earworm’ Oh great, now that’s going to be in my head all day. Claptastic is a toss up Dragon Quest.

The worst? BL2 hunting one. ugh.


in terms of playability and boss design actually handsome jackpot was the best.

tiny tina’s is by far the worst in terms of enemy design but goated story wise. Fin skeletons and their hitbox and damn flyin enemies gimme a damn break

overall best claptastic or jackpot

i feel like jackpot is horribly underrated because the guns and gear from it is obsolete due to scaling changes in game but once gbx buffs vanilla and dlc1 guns and gear it should become more popular not just a place to get seein dead. it has superb flow of mobbing maps play well forwards and backwords has good mix of flash and armor enemies locations look good (it is a bigass opportunity which was one of my fav maps) so yeah make handsom jackpot great again!


For me it is The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned.

It was just awesome that the first DLC offered a complete change of looks (Desert-Forest) while still retaining the, back then new, Borderlands feeling.

Also the spooky atmosphere, interesting new enemies and bosses, funny lines and pace of fights (Zombie swarms instead of gun wielding mobs) just makes this one really exciting for me .

Worst would be unsurprisingly Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt, althought a few Head Hunter packs would be up there too but I think it’s a little unfair to compare them to full Add-Ons.


My favorite DLC of them all is Claptastic Voyage and by far. It’s just such a great display of merged themes, the inner workings of a psyche and the way AI works. Perfectly portraying how Claptrap feels about himself and the world around him.

The worst? I mean, Mad Moxxis Underdome Riot was terrible in my opinion, so there is that. But you know, that’s all so incredibly subjective. Many people love Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, but medieval settings never really clicked with me, in no genre really.

Overall BL2 had the best season pass and that’s due to how it threw so much endgame content at us. BL3 can’t really top that without throwing in 10 Raid Bosses in DLC4 alone.

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Probably Dragon Keep (though I haven’t played the Pre-Sequel, so I can’t say anything about the Claptastic Voyage though I know many people liked it).

Just the whole idea of setting an entire DLC as a D&D style role playing campaign, the impressive amount of new enemy types with fun mechanics attached to them, a lot of great references and the whole meta commentary on the main story whilst at the same time tackling more difficult topics like dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Also, and it kind of feels like a big deal to me: The Soundtrack was utterly glorious. I mean, other DLCs had their own soundtrack too, I guess, but Dragon Peak is where it was really noticeable. Like, themes like in the Mines of Avarice or the final battle against the Sorcerer really just slapped and helped set the mood. The soundtrack of Borderlands in general is… I mean, it’s alright, it does do the job, but outside of the Dragon Keep DLC it has never been particularily memorable, if you catch my drift.

The worst is a bit more difficult to nail down for me. I’m not gonna include any Headhunter DLCs or Moxxies Underdome because they just don’t count as proper DLC for me.

What I can do is list the worst for each of the main series games:

Bl1: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. I’m not too big on the whole Zombie stuff so that didn’t really do the trick for me. And apart from that I just didn’t like the gameplay that much. One can only shoot out that many Zombie brains before getting bored.

Bl2: Sir Hammerlocks Big Game hunt. I don’t wanna be too judgemental, but most of the guns from that DLC were kind of garbage and as a sniper Zer0 player I really didn’t enjoy the majority of humanoid enemies being protected from headshots. Apart from that, whilst Dr. Nakayama was a fun villain, I feel like the DLC could have done more to establish him as a threat.

Bl3: Bounty of Blood. This may well be the most controversial of the bunch, and there were things that I genuinely did enjoy, like the concept of a Narrator and many of the weapons. But the story wasn’t the most exciting thing ever and I feel like it felt a little incomplete at times. Also, the side quest. Not enough of them and not enough depth to them. Hell, one of them was basically a carbon copy of a quest in Skyrim. The DLC really could have done with a proper long sidequest chain, too, something like Do it for Digby or Cold Case. It just wasn’t all that engaging. Also, no Max Skye and that’s a shame.

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Claptastic voyage for me.

Some of BL1 DLC was great too but undermined by not being replayable.


I, like many here, am torn between Tina’s and Claptraps, but am giving the win to the Claptastic Voyage for these two features:

  • It added three test dummies: armor, flesh, and shields.

  • The L33t h4x0rs, eh, “Clap-Slaughter” had three settings: two for various combat modifiers, and one for difficulty. I love the Magic Slaughter, but playing with early “Mayhem Modifiers” where you could pick and choose them independently of difficulty was (is still, perhaps) ground breaking.


Scarlet - I don’t think it was fantastic, just solid, but I love the desert-pirate setting. Enough that I think it’s my favorite. And it did have good variety in levels.

Claptastic - meaty campaign, and I really liked the Glitch guns. Plus TPS desperately needed the new maps. Some of the new enemies looked kinda crap, imo.

Jackpot - phenomenal campaign, large levels, added totally new (to BL3) enemies, could have done with a slaughtershaft, or any new “endgame activity”. Set unfairly high expectations for the rest of the season pass.

Tina’s - I like on paper, and appreciate all the work that went into it, but don’t actually enjoying playing that much.

Guns & Tentacles - very atmospheric, good all round

As a sidenote, I don’t like how the DLC weapons seem to get overlooked in the balance patches. I barely started using the DLC2 weapons when Cartels obsoleted a big chunk of them.

  1. Flamerock DLC (BL2) was by far the best DLC of all Borderlands games in my opinion.

  2. Scarlett DLC (BL2) / Sir Hammerlock’s Big Hunt DLC (BL2)

  3. Torgue DLC (BL2)

  4. Claptrap DLC (pre sequel)

  5. Krieg DLC (BL3)

  6. Handsome Jackpot DLC (BL3)

  7. All the Borderlands 2 mini DLCs in this particular order: WamBam Island, Valentines Day, Christmas, Halloween.

Best for me was Claptastic Voyage. If it featured a real raid boss (and a fast travel station to the last area) and if the new legendaries in the DLC were Pearls instead (I know that’s in no way required but I’d prefer it that way) it would be pretty much perfect for me.

After that comes TTAoDK, and third place would be a tie between Scarlet, the Jackpot, and Knoxx.

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Claptastic Voyage still remains the best DLC, and it isn’t even close tbh. Great story, great concept (that Krieg DLC blatantly ripped off), amazing loot, best boss in the series, perfect length, and so much more.


Claptastic, Jackpot, and GLT are the top 3 easily. I loved the stores in GLT/Claptastic, and Jackpot is just so charming. They all have great characters and their visual presentation is just perfect. Tina is at 4th because as much as I love the story, I don’t like the mobbing. Not a fan of the aesthetic either.

Shame TPS only got 1 DLC. I’m sure if we got more it’d be a season pass to rival BL3’s consistent quality.

By far Tiny Tinas DLC. Although I didnt liked her annoying charachter in BL2 I loved this DLC. It was well written and had a lot of nice references and easter eggs. The princess was the most WTF moment in BL history for me.
And gosh I hated the one mission with reference to dark souls when I played it the first time. I was like “WTF is this DLC so difficult??” then realizing that was exact what they wanted with this mission… I was used to be a noob back in the days and had not the best gear so it was really challenging and I loved it.

I cannot judge the Krieg DLC yet, so just to add to your comment of “so much more” in the Claptastic DLC: I pity those that never played the Claptastic Voyage DLC just for the fact alone that they never got to experience Glitch Guns. Those change so much and have so much variety, it’s not even funny.

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Funny thing is I consider the game and story so for me it was tina as I had a great game to play it with

I’ve been amazed by the response! The Claptrap DLC being a favorite was unexpected. Not that its not great, it was just how badly the whole sequel was received in general so it was unexpected by me. I did mention it was my least favorite, not because of the game contents but because of all of the jumping! Admittedly it is my bane. Try as I may the hand eye coordination just never has come to me. I also actually semi forgot some of the DLC 's I liked Scarlet a lot, and Warm bum island was very pretty once the locals and the crabs were subdued.
So thanks for all the great replies. After a quick review, I’m thinking the new DOC is not going into my favorite list. (Jumping) douche know :cry:

I meant doncha know! :joy::sweat_smile::dizzy_face: