Best DLC to buy?

I’m thinking of buying some DLCs for borderlands 2 and I’m wondering wich are the best to buy. I already have Captain Scarlets, Tourges DLC an Gaige. Im also wondering if its worth to buy Krieg??

Well if you like playing melee then by all means buy him

Im not a fan of krieg but he is definitely and unique play. Captain Scarlets is prob my fav dlc overall but also alot of people like tiny tinas and for good reason it really is a good dlc and brings alot the the table. as for the headhunters they arn’t really worth it as the heads and skins are kind of mediocre but the crawmerax one is fun cause you get to do an old fight in an all new atmosphere

Dragon Keep without a doubt. Amazing DLC, great story and very unique enemies.


Hey mate.

From what I understand, and I may be wrong, those DLCs are still 9.99 each. If you have more than 3 to get (i.e. Krieg, Tiny Tinas and Hammerlocks) it may be more economic to bite the bullet and get the Game of the Year edition. If you can get your hands on the $19.99 hard copy.

Just firing that out there in case it may help you out.


Also - moving this to general discussion where you’ll get more opinions.

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If you can get only 1 DLC then the choice should be Tiny Tina’s. It is spectacular. I have a good time playing through the other dlc, but TT’s is where it’s at.

On a DLC note, I recently picked up the borderlands triple pack as I did not have any DLC for Borderlands or TPS. If you have the money and interest in the other 2 games (and do not have much of the DLC) then holy cow it is worth the price tag on it. Between all the campaigns, classes, skins, etc. there were over 50 DLC content files to install on the DLC disk.

Yeah, good times…


Actually they are 3.00. Or at least that’s what it says on the psn shop

If you want new campaign play, then TTAoDK. If you want to try a very different gameplay style, then Krieg.

They’re 3.00 (either USD or Euro)?

See, I’d checked PSN’s site here.

Which had it all listed as 9.99 (USD). How’re you getting them for that cheap?

All of it.


A lot of it was recently 75% off on Steam, dunno if you’ve missed that sale, or if you’re not on Steam. But to be more serious:

Krieg is a very different character to play. I didn’t find him that interesting (Brick, in BL1, has a superior design) but many others do.

Gaige is great if you want a more active pet-based character than Axton and you didn’t get her for pre-ordering. A fun character to play as, with plenty of options. Deathtrap can cause . . . issues with aggroing mobs and stuff though. An excitable little (big, horrifically-violent) guy :wink:

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is fantastic. I’ve only played it part of the way through but it’s a completely different Borderlands experience. Good pacing, good map design and good interaction with the existing Vault Hunters. An enjoyable story piece with an amazing amount of polish (new art pieces for vendors, new voice lines, etc).

Other than that? The heads are great customisation fun for your characters if you’re cash-strapped and only want to spend a few quid. I got a ton of them at 75% off recently for like, £2.

If you have to choose just one, it’s definitely Tina’s DLC. Every enemy is a new enemy, all new weapons and a morphing fantasy world full of fanservice and throwbacks. You really can’t go wrong with it imho.

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Ok I have as problem. I tried to transfer money from my card to PSN and It said there was a problem with the information. I think it’s because I put in s instead of š but there is no way that I could put in the letter š. Does anyone know how to help in this situation??

all the DLC’s and Headhunter packs are Good, but yeah, as everyone else says get Tiny Tinas first then the others

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Bay all of rest DLC’s …on Steam is sale so you can get them all for a low price, and B2 is neverending game, always great to play from beginning with every character

Krieg is a really fun character. I’d go for it.


Tiny Tina DLC


Both are worth it. No doubt.

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