Best drop moments

What is your favorite loot drop moments? You can have more than one it doesn’t matter. It can be anything that made you satisfied. I’ll start.

I was farming the handsome sorcerer for a flakker for a few days, with nothing. Finally he dropped it, but he also dropped me an unforgiven, which made my day

In BL2:

I found a Storm in a dumpster, with the sight and prefix I prefer (which was pre-lootbuff),
A random Goliath dropped me a Rolling Thunder,
And roughly a week or 2 ago I found a Longbow Fire Bee in a chest.

A doubledrop from Meg;
A Torrent and a Fragnum.

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Wow that’s amazing. Best tps drop I had was a triple drop from EOS. A kanedas laser a badaboom and a corporal tom

I remember I was on a Loot Midget killing streak, and on my third or fourth go round, I was at the door to the pens, and I killed an Angelic Guard (I forgot what they were called), and he dropped a Gunerang. That was incendiary. At level 59.

Keep in mind that I was playing as my level 61 Bloodlust-Mania Psycho at the time.


Got a Nukem from a Gun Loader while fighting the Bunker

Mine has to be when I was farming for lyudas and gettle dropped me a bee.
Or the time butt stallion drop me a bitch

For me kawaii killer head it took me a month maybe 3 hours a day trying to spawn vermivorous and on the 4th spawn month into it, it dropped I literally didn’t know what to do. I worked so hard for that and listened to varkrids screeching for hours upon hours, the relief was intense lol I picked up quickly saved and backed up the save to memory stick. Now I’m back doing it for ninja rose, and obviously she drops every skin and head I dint want arrrgh.
But the kawaii killer head was worth it combined with either frozen wrath or dolphins are badass, my siren looks badass…


My favorite wasn’t because it was an amazing random drop (I’ve had a lot of those over the years) but because it was perfect for the moment. Way back on the PS3 the first time I killed the Warrior in TVHM with Krieg he dropped me a Slag Conference Call. This was the perfect weapon for Hellborn Krieg to go into UVHM with! I almost jumped for joy when I picked it up. I used that weapon all the way to level 72.

I had bytt stallion drop me a hornet and a sledges shotgun within 200 eridium

Wow out of like 2000 I’ve had the bitch and an invader

Popped in the game, killed Knuckledragger, got a hornet. Obviously I outleveled it, but it made me so happy to get one on the first boss.

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Just got my first shredifier, been a fan of this gun in tps and wanted a bl2 one

Nice! I’m constantly watching for them butchers. I main Krieg so…

If I want a specific pearl to try out I rocket jump to omgwth and kill him

I’ve got a 61 Butcher. I had an OP6 but I now im OP8 it was usless, haven’t got another one since. Only Pearl I like.

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None at this moment in time I can’t get a corrosive op5 bitch for my mecromancher. Man the bnk3r can be very tight

I may have a op8 butcher in the bank I’ll check an get back to u

I’ve had so many Bitches. Mainly the Slag one’s.

LOL :joy:

Just got one an the one I wanted after at least 50 kills, hard work