Best drop moments

In TPS the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel dropped both the Black Hole shield and the ZX-1 laser at the same time. Best luck I have ever had in any Borderlands game!

I was farming bunker and on my first 6 attempts, i got a rightsizing bitch, a corrosive corporate bitch, 2 heads and a sham. I remember farming him on the xbox for around a week in total and didn’t even get half of that. Also got a butcher on my first legendary loot midget in the preserve. Hornets also seem to drop like candy from Knuckle dragger.

Especially in nvhm

When Mr Boney pants droped me a Maliwan Plasma Caster. I thought he dosen’t drop an e-tech but he does image This was when I was still low level I thought before doing main bl2 story mission I’d go kill Mr. Boney Pants Guy and reach flamerock 1st in UVHM

I’ve gone through the fridge boss run there and got a sledge’s shotgun, a lyuda in his chest, and a gunerang from rakkman

From the top of my head:

Longbow Fire Bee with 0.0 as fusetime in a red chest, Storm from a dumpster, Gunarang from a random Skag, critical Butcher in a chest with matching grip the first time I played the PS4 port, a Rolling Thunder from a Goliath, Skullmasher from either a Knight or Skeleton and 2 Sawbars from red chests.

Whoops, posted in here already. Consider this a updated list for BL2.

The cobra…today…lord that was a long time coming!


where did you get cobra im looking for one. Just want to see what it does and if its good haven’t found 1

Pretty sure all the cobra does is fire explosion shots. It was so long ago that I played the 360 version that I may be wrong on that one.

You can only get the cobra from burners in the beatdown, unless you gib the weapon in

Yep the beatdown is the only legit way. And only from burners.

I was once running through digi peak, and got a Mongol, Infiniti and an invader, I definitely had the luck.

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