Best duo to splitted screen

Hey guys.

First of all, I’m very excited about this game. Have been playing for one week and a half and I found everything that I was looking for to play with my gf: a fantasy fps with splitted screen (online and campaign) with a awesome gameplay, story and characters. We’re having a great time together.

We are trying since the first day Montana (she) and Miko (me), and I heard that is a good comp, but we’re facing some issues on PvP when the enemies attack us with meele characters, like El Dragon, Rath and Phoebe. In addition, I feel that ranged enemies always focus on Montana cause his big size make him easily to hit. I’ll be happy to hear tips about this duo, too. I feel we have to improve on PvP.

I want to know about you guys: what duo comp do you think it’s better for us (or for any 2 split screen players)? How we can make better with this comp (Miko + “easy play” DPS)? I will be happy to hear your opinions about PvE too if you want, but we’re doing much better there (still playing Normal difficult).

Thanks! Greeting from Brasil! :smiley:

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The best advice I can give you concerning PvP is to not to focus so much on working as a duo. While it is very rewarding in some ways, it can also lead to mistakes. Especially if a Miko is involved, as nobody really likes the ‘pocket healers’ (Enemy team is annoyed / Your team would like equal healing).

As for actual character advice: As Montana, always go full Ice build. Your team will expect you to soak up some damage.
I’m no expert on Montana, but I guess something like this might work.
Dealing with melee characters shouldn’t be that much of a problem, assuming some teammates actually play around you as a Tank. Your Hailstorm is a great Slow, use it to hinder their approach or escape.
Also, if you’re not 100% sure you are going to survive an encounter, always keep your Dash as a Movement tool.

As for Miko, same as with Montana, you’re kind of expected to fill a role. So go full on Healing build.

As for other Duos you might want to try: Shayne & Aurox + Reyna can be quite tanky together. :wink:

Everytime I see Miko and Montana, I run in the other direction. I’ve had them wipe out my entire team on quite a few occasions.

Tips for playing montana. Be aggresive with his lumberjack dash and always try to hit someone into a wall. Take increased knockback distance and stay ice. Montana is actually much more effective close than ranged, start a fight with the knockback stun into a wall, start shooting as soon as the bullets start turn on the ice and stay close trying to keep enemies in the reticle. Use your moves as much as possible.

Miko stay behind Montana and use your spore as often as possible. With this team you want to be aggresive and in the enemy’s face, you dont need to be defensive most of the time because you are pretty much unkillable.

Try to fight near walls as montana they are his friend because he can stun, once you learn the sweet spot for the distance you can be away from a wall you can control whole parts of the map. You can also stun enemies by hitting them into eachother and it will stun both enemies, this is very important to know for team battles.

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Thanks for all tips, man.

I’m always trying to heal everyone in a area (a lane in Meltdown, for example). Not exactly doing the “pocket healer” job, but we’re always on the same lane. When we have one more player with us, protecting the minions become much easily. :slight_smile:

We’re using the Full Ice build to Montana since yesterday, we’ll try it again today. About Dash, we never should use it as a “attack” skill? Didn’t know that, thank you.

Any another duo we can try? I really want to play as Boldur when we unlock him.

First of all, thank you for your comment.

Should I use Dash aggresively? Another guy here said that I should use it as a movement tool. What you think?

Didn’t know about the “double player” stun, that’s nice. Thank you again! :smiley:

Maybe we just should practice more and get more skill with the characters, right? Hahaha :smiley:

There is any other duo comp you think we should try?

ISIC + Kleese can be devastating in PvE, as Kleese can counter the downsides of ISIC’s Ultimate. I don’t think that’s gonna work in PvP, though as ISIC can be CC’ed out of Omega Strike.

As for Boldur, like @Derch said in another topic:

Aggresive, montana shouldnt worry about too much with miko behind him. I would recommend taking the no spin up time to start shooting. This makes it so montana can start damaging the enemy after stunning. Also after stunning try to press the enemy into the wall with montanas body, this makes it really hard for the enemy to escape and montana melts people when he is very close to them. You can take on several enemies at once with this team. If anyone starts hurting miko have montana try to get in betweem them and focus on that enemy, as long as miko is alive, montana is alive. Always stay behind montana and you wont really have to worry about escaping.

Wow, Alani and Boldur will be nice. I’m sure we will try that. Btw, the only way I can unlock Alani is paying 47k?

What about Miko and Galilea?

Thanks again for your attention, man. :slight_smile:

Very nice. Thank you! :smiley:

That is another nasty combination!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Prep yourself for hate mail if you run the gali miko combo though!

Hahahaha :smiley:

Whicha modes do you usually play? Meltdown, Incursion, or Capture?

For Incursion the Miko/Montana combo has to be really solid and really have your other teammates around you for it to work. Seeing as Montana is a big character and it’s one lane only damage will be able to come from all angles, especially if you in the place where I like to call the “Hotspot” (center meetup of both forces). Health regeneration and some for of damage reduction can help, but overall it’s based on how well your attackers will pick up on the damage once you are targeted by everything. Time your ice storm and lumberjack dash accordingly to give the impression that you always have an answer to their attacks as montana, and as miko, keep your cool downs up as much as possible, and throw shrooms at opponents that leave your teammates a chance to escape.

For meltdown it’s wise to stay close to thumpers or your base until attackers are able to push forward with you as montana, this avoids flanking and gives him a way to escape if things start getting to dicey. The same job applies to miko but the idea is a little easier to apply as you have more ways of escaping and players aren’t really just pitted to one location.

For capture it’s just kinda a Call of Duty thing and it’s really more so of how well you can kill the other opponent for the victory, so in most cases montana/miko isn’t able to shine as well

For Miko/Easy play DPS I’d recommend Phoeboe and Miko. She has enough health to take a bigger beating than most attackers and is easy to use for the most part outside of Phasegate assassinations. Miko should be able to heal her much faster than Montana so you both can continue to fight.

As far as my own combos, it varies and really is quirky. Me and my bro play as often as we can together and we have amazing synergy, but for the most part we just run the type of jobs we need for the team as opposed to what we like to run for the most part. But if I were to break it down to the most used I’d have to say is I run Boldur and he Runs Toby. We get alot of double stuns or slow/stuns and he protects me from mid ranged characters and I protect him from melee players trying to flank him. For the most part it works unless we’re faced with Marquis/Thorn combos in which I have to sometimes over commit or he comes closer to the field to try to push them out (which is harder to do on meltdown).

We’re playing all modes, especially Meltdown (and some PvE aswell)

Thank you very much for all tips, they’ll help us a lot, I’m sure.

I’m very eager to play with Boldur too. Didn’t know that it can synergy well with Toby. We’re thinking to play Boldur / Alani. Do you know any other “Boldur duo”?

Thank you again!

My husband and I play split screen. We don’t always choose characters to play as a combo but when we do we are:

Miko+Galilea: Great pocket healing. Not as easy as it looks but once you get into the motion of things you will be fine. Galilea needs to pick off enemies individually if possible and Miko needs to cover the rear for heals. Watch out because people will or should attack the healer ie Miko. Galilea can hold her own against some characters so use Miko for group healing as well but always communicate with your gf so you can save her when needed. If you’re playing as Miko. Yall can rotate or play whichever roles yall prefer :slight_smile:

Miko+Montana: Same miko strat as aforementioned and use Montana as others have suggested. Ice build. I personally don’t choose the wind up every match so whatever works for you guys. The dash we use offensively and as a getaway. Depending on your situation and the opposing team you will need to utilize skills differently.

Really, Miko+Anyone is good :thumbsup:

Caldarius+Rath: I play Caldarius a lot cuz he’s super fun. When in PvP he’s an okay match with any melee but best with Rath. Y’all can both get in and out with ease. Caldarius is very mobile and you need to keep him mobile, like with any ranged you want to bounce around. With Rath you can go for the silence, knock up, and atk atk atk with both Rath and Caldarius. Simple and basic tactic but customizable. With Caldarius you can use his SMG but I utilize his blade about 50/50 once you get lifesteal and atk speed. His dash is the same as Montana in the sense that it can be used offensively and as an escape. Another tactic is once Rath is lvl 5 you use Caldarius to scare people, two or more if able, close together and rath can use knockup, silence, and then Dreadwind to hopefully finish 1-5 players off quickly. Be careful as Rath is a glass cannon and Caldarius is squishy.

Orendi+Boldur: This one has been fun and not something you would think of normally. With Boldur you can do what Boldur does best. Soak up damage and stun (when enemies get knocked into things). Orendi can hide behind large characters and although boldur is short you can still hide behind him (but don’t get in boldurs way) and pop in and out to deal damage and lay a shadow fire pillar. The thing about this combo is people are going to focus on Boldur because they’re not aware that he needs to be ignored majority of the time and flanked when able. He gets healing when attacked with his shield up later down his helix and he can wreck face against opponents that attack him head on. Use Orendi to attack from the sides while Boldur pulls “aggro” and stay mobile, like I said with all ranged characters you want to stay moving and bouncing when able.

I’ve had success and fun with Benedict+Oscar Mike, Alani+Galilea, Ambra+Galilea, Kleese+Multiple BB with shields

Don’t pay attention to anyone that says pocket healing, healing, Miko, or any other characters or strategies are cheap and OP. Those players just don’t know proper counters to these tactics so they will complain. Healing is a huge strategy in this type of game. Play who and how you wanna play so long as you’re playing as a team and playing the objectives.

At the end of the day, games are supposed to be fun so enjoy! :thumbsup:

Boldur is much more effective in incursion as its 1 lane and he can push up and draw all the attention while the rest of the team attacks the distracted guys. 1 tip I would give you as boldur is build build build. His attack speed is horrible and early game boldur is a punching bag and can be ignored as long as you don’t position yourself between him and a wall. Build early and often and once you get level 5 enjoy. The middle shock turret on overgrowth is your best friend. Good luck to any unfortunate souls that you get in a 1 on 1. I like having somebody who can do burst heals behind me when I run boldur(Reyna or Alani). if you have a miko they jump behind you and punish miko for stepping up because I spend majority of the game on their side of the map. Try and unlock as many of his mutations asap as his lvl 5,6 and 10 mutations are all good. And whatever you do, make sure you go left helix at level 2, he’s useless without rage so you want to activate it whenever you’re in the fray. Enjoy!

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Well it’s not so much the synergy as opposed to we know each other and our characters pretty well so we make it work, but we do get double stuns quite often and if he goes slow mine we get slow into stun.

Alani/Boldur is a very nice combo as if the opponent is caught in riptide you can bash them right back into stun via a wall or something.

Other good characters that sync well with Boldur are Kelvin, Gali, Thorn, Rath, and Melka.