Best El Dragon Tips

El Dragón is one of the last characters I have to finish lore for. I need to get kills while En Fuego and clothesline 4 enemies at a time.
I’ve been dying with him.
…a lot.
What are your best recommendations? I run an atk dmg/spd gauntlet, movement speed, and healing received medallion. I typically follow @alltheshinies builds, since they’re comprehensive and seem sound. What are your, the faithful Dragonites, best tips for helping me get these last two challenges done?

Just foe your lore:,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,

Use the double clothesline to get in and out for your lore. Try to flank low hp/squishy enemies and get in fuego + dragon splash to stun.

If you can, use all dr you can. Regen + dr, dr+dr when activating a skill, hp+dr.

Quick skirmishing. Get in the fight when the enemy is targeting a friend or someone is low. Get out when your shield breaks and you lose 20% hp.

Once you get to lvl 5 and all ur gear activates you can stay longer but always get in and out.


So, opportunistic attacking for the most part?
Would you recommend activating EF BEFORE engaging or when the enemies health is low?


What LLC legendaries do you have? I could point one out that may work very well with him.

By LLC I mean all of the legendaries with a clear LLC theme; they don’t have to have LLC-only effects.

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Some tips to complete the clothesline lore, go play through the Algorithm and go to the ice room before the Ice Golem boss - three swarmers should spawn there. They’ll spawn in mini swarmers that die when you dash through them - killing isn’t a requirement but it does ensure you don’t get stuck on anything. Should be a breeze to complete the lore there.

This could also be rather reasonably completed in Meltdown or on the Void’s Edge against varelsi. Not sure if the infinite swarmer spawn works there but the algorithm one is less tricky to get to work anyway.
I tried completing it in Meltdown and against varelsi but the lore seems to register pretty inconsistently and I tended to get stuck on enemies constantly. The Ice Room swarmers on the other hand you never get stuck on and it registers every time. If you don’t like playing as El Dragon it’s the handiest.


I have a few
The nano regen
The starkweather one
Coopetition inducer
Generous refund policy
And probably one or two more

Good call! I got a lot on the voids edge against the varelsi but can’t quite make the jump for the infinite swarmer glitch on that level. Algorithm might work if I can make it that fat with him. The bridge and Geoff I’m sure will be difficult for him solo.

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Nano regen = Medical nano colony gear that gives health regen when shield recharges? That one’s great.

Coopetition inducer is also great.

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Bot battles, bot battles, bot battles. Did I mention bot battles?

Yes. He may be labeled a brawler, but he’s more like an assassin: quick ins and outs.

When your enemies’ health is low, that way you can almost guarantee a kill. To be honest, this was by far the easiest piece of his lore for me to get. The clothesline one took forever, but I didn’t try the swarmer trick because of how hard it is to get there even with friends. Which reminds me, drop me a line the next time you see me on if you need some help.

I use a zero-cost shard gen (-reload or heal power; don’t take anything else.), a white DR item, and a purple syringe with DR (like +4% or something). I mainly play him in bot battles, so adjust your equipment accordingly if you’re playing him in PVE.

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