Best equipment for this specific build?

Well this is for those who enjoy theorycrafting and maybe helping other mozes, so here is the playground:

Im looking for help to find the best equipment for this build, the catch is that i have a few rules because im roleplaying her big time:

This is the build"cb__502316498___p__3720693987-5_1557093796-4_4040396515-3_2125658553-5_1819376433-1_2907452932-3_1931847974-3_443105198-5_2203236028-1_4154127400-1_2750630947-5_3066753877-3_2033013265-1_696258140-5_598233776-3"

and this are the rules:

  • No hyperion or Tediore shields.

  • Only Vladof guns and grenades (would love to have a vladof shield but for now thats impossible)

  • Only fast firing weapons with the layout being the following:

1)Fast firing double barreled pistol
2)Fast firing assault rifle with grenade attach
3)Layuda, period :stuck_out_tongue:
4)Backup rocket launcher

  • Grenades are going to be dealing dmg but im not going to spec in it too much or i will end up with another grenade moze op broken build and i dont want that, they are just backup.

  • No Iron bear whatsoever (roleplaying my Moze to be in a quest to gain enough money to repair it, that means im waiting for Gearbox to make iron bear usefull) so its not even assigned.

  • Only Kinetic and Fire damage for all weapons.

What im worried about ?: Mostly shield regen, i dont want to spec in vampyr because i think its overpowered AF, i wanted to shot and cover to regain shields, but if there is a nice combo to gain shields faster i will take it.

  • Permadeath. (possibly)

Thanks and enjoy.

Hello good sir/ma’am, you are in luck… :smiley:

I made a guide a couple of days ago on weapons and gear, check it out to give you some ideas:

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Oh nice, checking that right now

Edit: HOLY ffffffffffffffffffff thats an extensive thread.

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To make life simpler for the Vladofs, I think your only legendary option is going to be the Shredifier as everything else spawns with fixed attachments (Faisor’s shotgun, Dictator’s bipod, Lucian’s extra barrel). I think all four of the purple rarity ARs can spawn with a grenade launcher; Agent Lomax has done God’s work of producing a Vladof AR parts guide:

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Now that i think about it im all right using shotgun and extra barrel, not sure how i feel about the bipod tho, i think its kinda useless.

The Faisor is king in my mind. That shotgun shreds.

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And it looks really good, but it fire lasers right ?

The bullets are elongated and look like a laser when you hold down the trigger; it’s not a solid beam like the lazerspolder.

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