Best Experience farm?

I’v been searching threw forums and I saw some options like Gravewarden and Sraptnest, both are decent but not really nothing great. Was just curious if anyone knew any good ways to level after 2.0?

I am leveling up alt characters btw, just blitz the story mode until 35 and finished campaign, put it on mayhem 5.0 at this point, was just looking for quick way to hit level 57.

Thanks in advance.

Scraptraps are the fastest.

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Okay Ill just stick with those, thank you. Any tips to make it more efficient?

Depends on who you playing use multi enemy weapon to fast clear the waves of scraptraps, like Redistributor, Reflux/Brainstormer etc. and something powerfull to kill the boss quick. Then reset the fight without exiting to main menu and repeat.

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Or you could join people who are doing circle of slaughters by matching if it works. Solo best bet is to farm scraptrap like the other guy said.

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I tend to get a LOT more exp from scrap by keeping cartel turned on. Spawns a lot more enemies and mini bosses so, as long as you can handle them get about 2.5 times the exp I was without cartel.

Mainly you need to be able to clear it out in about 5 minutes or less to make it worth your while. Just make sure you have weapons to keep scaling up the damage as you increase in levels. If you start dipping below 5 minutes (yes, I know that is not a high speed to clear it, I have done it in about 2 minutes or so myself but 5 seems reasonable) then you need to upgrade to keep it efficient.

Best of luck on the grind. Frankly, I found playing main story through both normal and TVH put me at cap already without even touching side quests so never worried about leveling up alts. I just ran em through the story.

I’ve been farming anvil for guardian ranks I went from 130-275 since last thursday

Just remember there has been a reported bug after entering FFYL with exp and drops defaulting to M0 requiring a quit / reload to correct.

I’ve been wondering about that bug… Don’t some of the mayhem modifiers do weird things around dying or going into FFYL deliberately? Anyone have a complete list handy?

Not sure about that but I forgot about the bug myself in the Villa and went down a couple of times by the damn Badass Crypto Wargs jumping through the barrier and insta FFYL.

This was M8 and legendaries dropped after this and prior to Joey were all M0, only 1 weapon from Joey, a Polybius that looked M8 couldn’t tell from the rest as it was nades shields and relics.

The quest for a better than M1 OPQ continues. :wink:

Thanks for all the tips guys. I had’nt noticed the bug yet. I guess it doesnt happen everytime you go into FFYL as I fell a few times doing M7 on Cartel boss farming OPQ and was still getting some M7 weapons, but that would suck to have it bug out and not realize it and waste your time getting M0 gear.

In M1.0 I used Breath of the Dying for Scrapnest - kill one clap in the middle and avoid orbs that spawned. Because of mob density a lot of orbs should connect. Even the boss can be reduced to nothing if trash mob is killed near it. This was done on M4.

But when we have Reflux, it is more of a poor man’s choice. :-/

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Scrap Nest with Cartel Event on and a Yellowcake, Reflux, redistributor, or whatever etc.

I was using that to farm for better Yellowcakes 300/90, and Fish Slap grenades with regular anoints.

If you can decimate the area quick with all the Cartel coming in, it’s a lot of XP. Plus you can get some good gear as you level up.

Once you have the scrap nest health bar low, just go out thru the container and to the ledge on the left until the scrap nest health bar goes away. Then run back in and it all resets. You can do it over and over without save/quitting.

Best is scrap trap with a reflux, redundant if possible.

Or find a multi player game which will help get more XP.

Just walk to end of open cargo container, wait a few seconds and do it all over again.

The only Mayhem modifier I can recall that affects FFYL is Rogue Lite which makes it so you DONT enter FFYL. Or at least it isnt supposed to. You can actually still pop up as long as you kill an enemy with existing status / dots while the death animation is playing.

But to the base of it, yes, as soon as you enter FFYL mode the experience drops badly. If I screw up and enter FFYL I just quit and reset then try again. Makes a HUGE difference in the exp farming.