Best/FASTEST way to earn credits? I NEVER find legendary gear so I want lots of credits to try and buy them from gear packs

So even if I get a gold ranking on Advanced Hardcore difficulty I basically NEVER find Legendary gear regardless of which mission I play… therefore I want to optimize how quickly I earn credits so that I can simply buy lots of gear packs and hope I get lucky with finding legendary stuff that way.

I seem to earn credits pretty slowly (maybe that’s normal I dunno) and was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips on the best way to earn credits in the fastest possible way.

I keep on hearing about people who tend to find Legendary gear with at least somewhat decent frequency EVEN if they play on friggin normal difficulty. Well… I essentially never find Legendary stuff regardless of what difficulty I play on or what medal I earn from missions… If I destroy a mission on Advanced Hardcore mode I wish that my chances of obtaining Legendary gear went up at least a little but that just doesn’t seem to make a difference for me. I suppose I could just be profoundly unlucky but I don’t know… feels like I’m doing something horribly horribly wrong.

As far as buying gear packs goes, are there any packs in particular that have a better chance of having good gear? I’ve heard it mentioned A LOT that people seem to find legendary gear in Rogue packs more than the others but that’s probably just coincidence… not really sure though hence why I’m asking.

Any advice would be appreciated… I’m incredibly poor and need credits QUICK.

The Gear Packs are purely RNG based. At the moment the chances seem to be the exact same for every difficulty (Though we can’t do much testing for that, we’d need to hear the official numbers) I doubt medals affect the gear you get.

I’d guess the Epic packs have the highest chance for a Legendary?

I played this morning and finally got a Legendary to drop. It was just a worse version of a Legendary I already had :disappointed_relieved: And honestly since the shard cost is so high, I don’t really see a reason to farm them. Unless you want the Alamo-7, that is… Lower price gear is much better, IMO.

I’ve been grinding The Algorithm on normal with Miko, that earns credits reasonably quickly. It’s a long mission with decent rewards, and if you have time to get used to her, Miko is very good at surviving.

I actually play Miko as my main however if I solo in story mode I usually pick Oscar Mike because he’s an absolute beast in PvE… he makes quick work out of absolutely everything. I feel like Miko while he has good survivability just doesn’t have enough damage output to solo in story mode in a reasonable amount of time. I mean, I won’t die but I also won’t beat the missions quickly.

Do you find yourself being able solo with Miko in a timely fashion? If so, what advice would you have for me? Does using gear that increases damage or benefits his offensive capabilities in some manner along with using Helix options such as faster reload speed of Kunai etc make a big enough difference?

I usually play Miko in co-op and while almost no one ever dies and I have insane assists and effectiveness in other things like keeping enemies at bay (i.e spore slow) I don’t feel like it’s worth it to solo with him (or it/they really, not exactly a “him”).

Advice/tips appreciated!!! Thanks!

I tend to ignore any abilities that benefits allies, on account of not having them, and focus on healing myself as much as possible. There’s also a legendary specifically from Geoff that you’ll probably want, called the Firmware Update 1.51 C, that gives you a pretty decent amount of cooldown reduction and a neat passive. I throw that on with a shard generator and a form of crit damage or attack speed, and I do just fine.
I can’t say it’s exactly timely, matches average around 45 minutes a piece, but I can’t say I’ve actually had huge amounts of trouble.
Faster attack speed is a sound investment, but I rarely go with the reload speed. I would be more partial towards just using the third slot for a reload item and just taking the cooldown reduction on the helix. While soloing, I tend to go with the spreading poison, because, while 65 damage across two seconds doesn’t sound like much, spreading it to everything you hit can add up fast. Missing one target means you probably hit the one next to it, and at least got it with some poison. I also exclusively go for the slow trail on the spores and the DoT on the mushroom.
If you grind out a bit of the span waves, you can reach 10th level during the ISIC fight and decimate him with the DoT from your mushroom. I put him down, dropped it right between his leg and his core, and he just melted. Robot phase got stunlocked because as soon as he’d get up again, the DoT would linger, and kind of break him. He’d just get stuck between the two phases and die really quickly. Might be some kind of a bug, but man is it effective.

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Also, according to Miko’s lore, apparently, it’s biologically a “She”. I’m still unlocking the lore, so I’m not entire sure.

Where can I see the lore about Miko being a “she”. I was under the impression Miko wasn’t even an “it” but rather a “they”. Interesting stuff regardless though… I love BB lore and the over the top sci-fi story/universe… crazy awesome. Gearbox rules in terms of universe/world content :slight_smile:

I think it’s stuck behind the “Complete 5 levels on the same team as Kelvin” lore challenge. But I’m not sure. I’ve got a lot of challenges for Miko left.

Neither of Miko’s lore challenge mention it as a she. It’s more like “they”. And Miko describes itself as “We” which can be heard in its voice recording.

I think the closest thing is a german translation on one of its helixes which mentions “A female healers oath” or something like that.

That sounds obscure enough to be plausible. I’ll have to do some research.

The ‘Healer’s Oath’ Mutation is translated into ‘Eid der Heilerin’ (literally: ‘Oath of the Healer’).
The thing with that is, that ‘healer’ is a generic term in english, but more of a profession title (which are gender-sensitive in german). So, ger. ‘Heiler’ (male) and ger. ‘Heilerin’ (female) both translate to engl. ‘healer’.

So when translating ‘healer’ you have to choose to make it either male or female, there simply is no neutral term for that in german (btw. the same is true for other languages, french for example).

That’s sexist. There’s something like… What? 5 recognized sexes now?

Its not sexist really, he was refferring to the nature of the german language. Languages can be quiet sexist, but I doubt he is a sexist or wanted to make sexist argument. (If so all french & german would be sexists…doubt that…)

It was purely refferring to certain terms and how they translate from english to other languages and how it affects the view on Miko. At least I don´t see sexism there.

Peace Love Unity Respect

I’m sorry you feel that way, but I didn’t state any personal opinion or beliefs.
I just explained a little about how my native language works, to clear out any confusion about Miko, I already did similar posts in this thread:

And as I said, the same is true for many european languages.
By the way, German language has been around and evolving for centuries before I was even born, so I’m not apologizing for that. Go ahead and call me a nazi, I feel like that argument is about 4 posts away, anyway I’m done with the forums for today :rolling_eyes:

No, no, I was making a joke. Languages are largely based on the preexisting notion that there’s only two genders. There’s actually many, when you take into account the overall strangeness of the world. That’s all I was getting at. No offense intended, friend. Hell, my girlfriend is german and she’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Thanks for the clarification!

Oh lords, I have´nt got the joke part at all >.<
@Sm0kerCrew is my fiance, we live in germany and we love GBX for being one of the only non-sexist gameproducers (fanservice seems to be boobs for all other companies -.-)

We sat on our laptops scrolling through the forum and he was like "What did I do???:anguished: "

I´ll show him your post :heart:

Sorry for the confusion.

No big thing^^

Gearbox definitely does better than other companies when it comes to female characters, but their designs still fall for some unfortunate tropes.