Best FFYL weapons

I’m curious what weapons are players using for making sure they get Second Wind? I excluded To the Last from my current build, so I’m trying to find a viable weapon for FFYL scenarios.

ION Cannon is always good.

I usually just shoot with whatever I have in hand, though, especially with the new GR skill that increases FFYL time when your deal damage. Makes To the Last much better, especially with one point in FitSD.

FireStorm sniper. Fire it at enemies and you can crit and kill, or if it’s not going well, aoe a side enemy

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Personally if using a DM, and Double Downer shield, I’ll just let loose with grenades and Redistributor. You’ll get like, 2+ minutes in FFYL if necessary, and usually get up by killing some rando mob around a corner or crate or something that you never even knew was there.

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Ember’s Blaze glitches out the new GR perk :joy: it burns through the diminishing returns while your timer is at the top


Awkward, haha. Good to know…

Explain like I’m 5?

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For whatever reason, whenever I go down while wearing Ember’s Blaze with enemies nearby, the Aura triggers on the enemies and makes it act like I hit enemies 50 times with tiny damage shots. Since most things in this game have diminishing returns (the more you proc them, the less they do per proc), by the time I’m firing at an enemy. I’ve technically fired fifty bullets already, and thus my timer just starts zooming down.

Oh that is weird. :flushed:

It lost me a takedown perfect clear because it was try to use fire ticks on a badass war dog :frowning:

Oh that’s really lame.

I’ve been using a scourge for FFYL If I can’t see what I’m shooting, or the trusted combo of Dazzle and Hex grenade if I can.

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