Best first tree to go down?

I checked the build, but the link to the early level builds are broken :confused:

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How many points in Conduit do you have?

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2 in conduit, 3 in gathering tempest, 4 stormweaving, 1 maelstrom, , 1 smite.

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If you’re having difficulty stacking then additional points in Conduit will really help defense. Max it out then go back for Smite and Gathering Tempest.

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I dont see how conduit can help. It just helps recharge a small bit of shields per maelstrom

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You’re underestimating Conduit. You can regenerate your entire shield from 0 in under 2 seconds regardless of capacity with 300 stacks of Maelstrom. It is the best tanking skill that Athena has.

But it is reliant on Shock DoT so maybe you aren’t seeing its value because you aren’t doing enough to stack and apply that. One tesla or shock Singularity and you’ll easily see 200-300 stacks.

My level 70 build is designed for tanking with this concept at the forefront:

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I can get better stacks up now, but maybe I should consider conduit. So take all 4 first skills in that tree then?
Right now I have only shock weapons, nades,02 kit and shield. I’m finding shotguns work the best with gaining nalestrom, outside of a tesla.

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Yes, I would max out first and second tier unless you have a class mod that adds points to those skills.

Yes, Hyperion shotguns are the best stack builders for Athena.

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I did forget to mention Conduit. It really is a great skill. for the longest time I passed it up as I went down the CS tree, but I won’t any longer. @BookEmDano is absolutely correct, and I actually think it might be her best survival skill next to maybe Hold The Line, with the advantage that Conduit doesn’t care if your Aspis is out or not. However, it is somewhat gear-dependent, so I was okay with waiting until level 30 to start getting it. YMMV, of course.

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Yea, I’m still struggling with Athena at pity fall. I kill slow and go into ffyl too Often. Once again, only 2 in conduit, but I live having smite.

I want to like her, but I feel so underpowered right now. Then again, could be bc I have okay gear.
Others have suggested to go phalanx tree first, with the combo of maelstrom instead.
Is she a slow starter or am I playing her wrong. I’m rushing in and doing what I can.

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It’s full-on invincibility from the front, AND potentially massive damage, with aim-assist, and that’s without any upgrades.

Anyway, Phalanx is good too but I’ll just go ahead and hype Ceraunic storm, the best goddam skill tree in borderlands history. Maelstrom stacks are nice, but you don’t need to completely rely on them in normal, or even true vault hunter mode, you get a massive mag size AND reload speed buff, and in general, a great selection of offensive AND a great defensive perk in the form of Conduit
Try a tesla grenade for stacks, and don’t forget to get Zeus’s Rage. A lot of people stop at smite, and sneer at Hades’ Shackles, me, I can’t let it go. It’s great, especially if you have trouble building stacks, which is mostly what it’s good for (the damage is indeed mediocre, although it’s free shield stripping)

Xiphos is neat too, but it’s best to just respec into it once you can get bloodrush. It was my plan originally but CS converted me


I mean that her skill is pretty useless at my lvl 14 or so. Can’t dish out good dmg, not elemental, can’t hit multiple targets. I know it’s great later, but right now it feels like more of something that hinders my reload speed and doesn’t let me ads.

I’ll try to respect her and max out conduit first and see if I have more toughness.
Def. Need better guns than my shock smg and shock AR. Blowing through ammo and not getting enough stacks with them.

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I’ll concede that it’s really annoying that raising the shield, and throwing it, interrupts weapon switch and reload. If you pay some attention though, this can be kept to a minimum, but even if you don’t, I think it’s a minor gripe compared to how awesome the Aspis is otherwise, even without upgrades. As for no ADS, it annoyed me too at first, but it’s a question of playstyle. Hopefully you like in-your-face UT style run-n-gunning too. Hyperion weapons help, if you want to keep a bigger distance.

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This was my thinking too. I went right tree till smite and zeus’s rage. Then full left tree. After that you can do whatever you want.

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OK cool.
Any advice on early end weapons? I know Tesla and prob a shock nova or something, but what about guns?

As you’ve said, Hyperion shotguns and high ROF guns? What about maliwan handguns that shot 2 shock bullets, albeit slow but good DMG.

Anything hyperion is your friend, due to being able to accurately hit something while hip firing. Obviously shock and incendiary preferred. I found constant beam lazers to be a good choice as well.

As far as shields went I always chose capacity over anything else. Don’t underestimate a good shock singularity either. Arguably much better for mobbing than a tesla.

Really? All I’ve heard is that teslas are they way to go.
I’ll give it a try, thanks for the advice

Teslas are easily best for stack generation. When fighting mobs stack generation isn’t that important. Even if you’re trying your hardest you’ll never get above 300 stacks (everythings already dead).

Thus grouping enemies up to get the most out of your shield throw can be highly advantageous.

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Oh wow, great idea. I’ve been so super focused on getting stacks, that its taking away from my ability to play well.

But once again, going down cerumaic tree first, my aspsis won’t be doing any significant or multiple DMG, so my only option is to focus on my stacks.
Although, zues rage may change that

The aspis’s damage in general isn’t significant until tvhm. Enemies just don’t seem to do enough damage to charge your shield. Smite is your main tool till tvhm. It’ll ohko most enemies.

Once you get the points though, singularity + zeus’s rage + wrath of the goddess + full charge on aspis = room cleared.