Best Fist parts for Deputy Sal?

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Im going for slag, obviously, but what are the best parts to look out for on the Lady Fist?
Thanks in advance.



As with any gun : matching grip.

In my opinion prefix is almost irrelevant as the gun is mostly there to passively provide crit bonus. If I get a slag with Hyperion grip, I stop there. Nothing wrong with a fire rate or damage boost though.

@Kurtdawg13 will have an opinion on this - he’s a champion Deputy too.

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Thanks you kindly. You sir are a true gentleman a scholar.

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Also anyone on Ps4 have one willing to trade as Im not quite rdy for another playthru on Sal just yet?

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Well for offhand use, parts are irrelevant. Generally i think bandit grip is best on the lady fist when being used as an actual gun

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As has been already said, parts are rather irrelevant.

If you really want the best parts, I would say matching grip, and twin prefix as it almost doubles your fire rate, and thus your slag chances.
For the same reason, the Maliwan and vladof grips are good replacement, as well as the fire rate accessory.

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Well, I’m rather particular with my gear. So take this with a grain of salt…

Pretty much what @Jefe said. :point_up_2:t2:

For Offhand Dep Sal shenanigans holding the LF in your main hand is for aesthetics really. you’ll be forced to look at it, so I go with what’s prettiest. lol You’re only holding it for the crit bonus it gives your offhand damage. on pistols, I am a Torgue sight fan. so I look for that as well as matching grip and the element must be Slag. Prefix is of no concerns, cause I’m just holding it really. I rarely pop off a shot cause I use underleveled gear anyways, so the damage is irrelevant. :blush:

My ladyFist is level 72. my Slag Rubi is level 50. Dep Sal (for me) doesn’t use main hand for any damage.

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Anybody have a Lady Fist(Slag, w/Hyperion grip, preferably Torgue site rings) willing to trade?

I have an extra Rom with Jakobs grip and Torgue sites I can trade.

Also have a plethora of other great gear.

On ps4 only btw.

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I don’t play Deputy (I play two Zerkers: Hoarder and Brawn), but the only requirement you need for a Lady Fist is, as has been mentioned, the matching grip, if only for the inherent bonus to reload speed and magazine size as is usual with brand-matching guns and grips.

Some would say you should get it in slag too but I’d prefer the Grog and Rubi for that. Could work if you plan on going non-Moxxi though.

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Grabbed me a slag one with Torgue grip and sites. Happy happy happy.


Here’s a thing : my current Sal just got to 72 so ended up getting a new Lady Fist last night. The first slag version I got had the stability prefix (Core).

My previous LF I found incredibly annoying because the recoil would throw out my shotgun aim. I presume this was made worse by Steady as She Goes. The Core version has no recoil on the first shot. I haven’t used it yet in the field but I think it’s going to be the one for me.

Thoughts @DeputyChuck @Kurtdawg13 ?

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Most likely. I have a Core prefix slag ladyfist on console and is the preferred prefix, imo. I use a Slag prefix ladyfist on PC(no accessory). I get a bit of a kick on the first trigger pull but nothing that I can’t mitigate/deal with. I suppose your offhand weapon’s recoil comes into play. If you’re rocking hyperion shotty in your offhand, then yes that recoil kick can get a bit out of control. lol reverse recoil for ya. :wink: I don’t shoot the ladyfist very much. I only use it for the crit boost. I’ll fire it if the enemy in front of me is causing me to backpedal and it’s taking more than a couple shots, then yes, I will slag that mofo and be done with them. :cowboy_hat_face:

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One thing of note with Hyperion weapons is the initial recoil is much worse if you were running when you started shooting. I always make sure I stop running at least about half a second before I pull the trigger.

I never had a LF with that accessory, so I can’t bring much else to this discussion right now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, good point Chuck. This is a thing :point_up:t2: lol

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This video is by derch… covers the LF and part info… 11:22 I am still learning… this makes sense


Thanks for posting that vid. As usual, Derch’s logic is sound. For the purposes of the Deputy build, I think it’s safe to say that DPS is not actually the feature we’re necessarily looking for however.

  • I think we can agree its primary function is to simply sit passively idle and turn the left hand gun into a crit monster.
  • Its secondary function is to slag, which is why I like Chuck’s recommendation to go for Redundant (twin/double shot) : almost double slag chance.
  • Its third function is to not piss me off : Steady + the Hyperion initial recoil was making my aim goofy, which is why I think the Core (stability) version is going to work for me. I need to experiment with this more as this is the first time I’m using a LF with Sal.
  • The fourth function is to add DPS to big boss targets. Since it seems the above prefixes are more useful than the damage or fire rate prefixes, it seems reasonable to look for a Bandit or Torgue grip.

But again, this is minutiae. The LF farm is extremely annoying for me. I’ll usually take “good enough”.

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Anyone ever thought about using a maliwan grip?


According to GearCalc the difference is 12% vs 13.8%. Why not?

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Yes :wink:

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I am such a late comer so I may ask things already known… but I found a third choice which may suit me better for the LF it has a tediore grip… I fired the jacobs grip, dahl grip, and vladof grip (all i have at the time) the jacobs kicked out a little more than the others but all were close… vladof is fast and tediore slower… so that being said for some reason this variant I just got is not talked about and is not in the wiki variant chart… it has a 22 bullet clip and this will be better for money shot chain if you use it in the right hand. I thought I would get any input from LF aficionados This may be more for the money shot crowd… the gun in the right hand decides if you get the max bonus for the last bullet in the mag… the card says 10 but everyone else says 12 has to be in the clip to get the full bonus and this also gives the full bonus to the left had gun regardless of clip size… just wanted to clarify that cheers!

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