Best Fist parts for Deputy Sal?

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I tried that with Hoarder Salvador and while it largely helped with negating that stupid Assault Rifle critical damage penalty, the issue was… kept going into FFYL while just holding the Fist there.

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I don’t like the recoil “kick” the redundant prefix has. Same reason I don’t like the redundant prefix on the Logan’s gun.

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The most recent Fist I grabbed was an Elegant Slag w/ Torgue grip. It feels very accurate and with next to no noticeable recoil.

Not sure where it sits in the grand scheme but Iike it way better than my last two.

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That variant simply lacks an accessory altogether.
The prefix comes from the grip since it has no element either.

The money shot thing is a bit pointless IMO as all LF will give the full bonus to the main hand anyway. And the Money Shot you get out of the LF itself pales in comparison to what your main hand will achieve anyway.

What you want out of a LF is the crit bonus (which they all have) and the slag. To me, the best parts are those that help you slag better.

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Thank you… it is a compliment when you can beat google…

What you say makes sense in N and TVHM I use to treat Sal like he was Zero but I am… like I was with Zero forced to dig into his action skill the further i go… I am trying to learn details about other methods… my tanking now is from money shot using grog and dpuh to adding a ladyfist crit or other combos.

Is there a thread that may help that you know of starting me on looking at the crit combo setup details :acmsmirk::v::boom:

Never mind… I went back to see what I have read and I got it… this will do :acmaffirmative:


These come to mind. Read this first :

then this :

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Thanks I usually use the search and was having trouble finding much ladyfist info… so I went down the rabbit hole trying to combine a ladyfist in on my own… time to do some more reading I use those a lot and just learned a bunch more after your reminder …:v: :acmomg:

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On Sal, I consider a Maliwan grip LF to be a win. Fire rate differences between Lady Fists are relatively inconsequential anyway, and the lower damage also does not matter. Only reason ever to shoot it is to apply slag, not to damage. On other characters, a Maliwan grip LF is kind of a fail IMO, but on Sal - AOK!

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Rubi/LF/ROM combo on the Ancient Dragons. :cowboy_hat_face: Dep Sal Brawn Build.