Best Freezes/Crashes

So I froze my game today as my Salvador.I didn’t overthrow stormfronts, (which I have froze my game that way as well) but a DP unkempt harold plus some lag froze me.
So, what’s one or more ways you’ve froze or crashed your game?image

Hellborn Krieg, Raving Retribution, Storm Front, Maliwan Hellfire and a lot of enemies on fire.

I can reliably freeze the game it in Opportunity if I go around back by Foreman Jasper and then stay in the map for too long (twenty minutes? Half an hour?) afterwards. If I tool around elsewhere, I don’t get this phenomenon. I make it a point to run by save points when I’ve completed some mission that I don’t want to lose (and I’m still, occasionally, trying to narrow down what the freeze trigger is). It was only during long, drawn out missions where I wasn’t paying attention to the freezing, that I would lose a significant amount of progress. Like I would take out Jasper, get the key, open the container, spawn the constructor, take it out, bomb the walls, go sniffing around for leftover loot and chests, mop up local enemies , then it would freeze, and I’d have to do it all over again.

I most frequently freeze the game with over saturation of gear on the field, but the two freezes that hurt the most were two Vermi encounters. The first time I (we/friends) spawned Vermi it froze the PS3 well on the way to a kill. Undeterred, we went after it again, for a successful kill, only to freeze during the death animation. I didn’t attempt Vermi for more than a year after that.

My most painful freeze/crash was ages ago when I was on Ps3.
Washburne isn’t the most stable or well-rendered of areas to begin with (that’s a kind way of saying it’s abysmal).

Hype lay vanquished before me for maybe the fifteenth time that session, and my heart soared when I saw that a Maliwan launcher wasn’t his usual trolling but actually had an orange beam.
At the time I believed the Norfleet was the most awesome thing ever. We’ve all been young once, I guess.

I thought I’d kill him with style one last time that session, and equipped it to give his Slim Jim phase a nasty surprise.

Unfortunately I’d forgotten to trigger the save point outside of the arena for quite some time, and when the game crashed the last 30 minutes hadn’t happened.
“Norfleet go ‘poof’.” Gone.

Maybe it was for the best. Maybe.

After lvl’ing my Maya to 72 and Gaige to 50+ and then equipping each with bullet-splitting guns (Pimps, Conf. Calls, etc), and with the PhysX set to medium, I’ve found that my system will try to choke if there’s too much lead and debris in the air; throw in a few fires here and there and it will most likely lock up solid.

Admittedly, this rig is a bit dated (C2D E6750 O/C’d to 2.93, EVGA GTX 560 Ti factory O/C’d 8%, 4 gigs DDR, X-Fi) but usually runs things rather well overall. And it’s all a moot point, as I’m in the process of ordering a new proc, mobo, and RAM and possibly a new GTX 970 as well. Upgrades FTW!

I know no one plays this game anymore. I was late to the party. I was unsuccessfully farming for a norfleet solo (but with four players active [yeah I’ve got 2 PS3’s] so I could get Vermivourous to spawn [still took stupidly long]) it dropped 6 mag shock version so and had to choose which item to drop since I was all full. And game freezes first time ever (outside of hypervious) are you kidding me! Thrown another 12 hours since then to get a class mod and Vermivourous chased a dam buzzard and got board. I finally see why everyone has moved on from this game.

B0ring BNK3R xD

[quote=“lbjnoz, post:7, topic:512292”]I know no one plays this game anymore.[/quote]…seems legit :thinking:

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The exact same thing happened to me - the only Norfleet I’ve ever had… lasted about 4 minutes :cry:

Then you know my pain :acmsad:

I suppose it’s not much consolation now (given the joy of the rare find and so forth) but I’ve gotten plenty of them since then and 4 minutes is roughly how long they’re fun.

Still, you have my condolences.

Haha - thanks! … just recalled I lost my only Longbow to a crash as well. Crazy to think that the game has only crashed on me 5 or 6 times in 3 years, yet I’ve lost 2 legendaries because of it.

Ouch. Here I was thinking that the RNG couldn’t hate anyone more than it does me.

Now that I know I can force a save whenever I want by enabling/disabling my badass ranks, I just fire that whenever I do something I would hate to lose (kill a hard boss, progress in the story, find something rare, for example) without having to stop the game in progress.

Ok, so this one is awesome, and while some might say I’ve cheated or whatever, I don’t care, it is my glitch, that happened to my game, and I love it!

I was on xbox live in UVHM, playing with a dude that was a modder, he was helping me with some ADoD runs in my game. I popped back to Sanctuary to drop off some loot, giving him EXPLICIT instructions NOT to start or complete any of the quests, so I could farm them later. As I am dropping stuff off, I hear him trigger the Sheriff quest, them he kills a dude! I’m like WTF! and leap over my table and yank the power to my console. I’ll be damned if I was going to let it save.

Anyways I powered back up and logged back in. I noticed it was easier to kill stuff suddenly. Eventually I went in to spend Badass tokens, and noticed that all of my ranks were 200.1%!! I think it was the yank in power that caused it.

I do that sometimes, but mostly I just remember to run back just a little bit further out of a raid boss area to where there’s usually a save point. Couldn’t do anything about losing the Longbow though… “what’s that orange on the ground? … Longbow?”… pick it up - instant crash.