Best gear and build for Rocketeer class mod

Anyone have suggestions for builds and gear setup around this class mod

Currently running this

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If I’ll be working in tandem with Auto Bear (as opposed to separately where I just let it do its thing while I do mine), and I’m considering weapon choices based on this COM, it depends on the enemies. If I’m fighting Eridians, for example, I’d give Auto Bear railguns and equip my favorite corrosive weapon: I’ll work over the armor and let 'Bear get the kills.

For that COM, since you have three points in Fire In The Skag Den (bonus fire damage with splash), I’d focus on that, especially since you’re all up in the Demolition Tree. Fire damage is largely for flesh enemies, so if you’re fighting naked enemies, a fire weapon with splash would be great. If they’re armored or shielded, I’d make the weapon’s element focus on the shield/armor and leave Fire in the Skag Den to help with the health once you’re through their cover.

If you want specific weapons, I can only think of Moze through the lens of Vladof and Torgue. :laughing: Seriously though, I might consider some Maliwan thing: you get splash and two elements. One would be fire (for when you get through the armor/shield), and the other would be corrosive or shock (for the cover). I’m sure someone else can tell you what the best specimen for this would be… I think the Recursion shotgun is still in favor among the locals, maybe a Kyb’s Worth. I’m torn between a Pushdug or a Blister, so don’t listen to me.

I usually work in tandem with Iron Bear. When shields get low, i get in the gunner seat. I use either a revengenaider shield, transformer or stop gap. Currently running with opq with 300/90 health,
Monarch shock (gotta find one with an annoint for moze), kaosan( gotta find one with an annoint for moze), radiation/cryo devoted, and cloning maddening tracker (need an annointed for moze)

i tried to use it several times and basically just to let him spam target softening
so blue tree seems to be a must
the rest might be up to you
im a fan of red tree

Well, you seem to be armed to the teeth there… are you strapped for damage? I’m sure any of those weapons will be some of the best the game has to offer at the moment (nerf or no). If you have a weapon with a, “While Auto Bear is active…” anointment, you can have that active for a nice duration with this COM.

I use that, with an action skill start Frozen Heart, a whispering ice grenade and Elemental projector deathless. With a uRad OPQ.

Haven’t had a chance to test the auto bear incendiary, but I have a 2x Kaoson with that anointment that I luckily stashed in the bank. I’ll see if it’s any good tonight.

It’s good, this rocketeer build. Not amazing, but good. Almost as good as a Blastmaster, not quite as powerful as Mindsweeper.