Best Gear Combos For Ernest & Shaurox?

Hey guys.

I’m really trying to maximize my performance / potential with Ernest & Shaurox.

Can you guys recommend me the best gear Loadouts for them, both Legendary and non Legendary, and also Shard gen Loadouts?

Thanks in advance!

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My usual combo for Ernest is
Cheap white Attack Speed (somehow can’t get ) cost)
Green Reload Speed+sumthn (got regen when 50% health)
And then …anything
I use Unique Shield pen+ Health regen, cause it [may] proove usefull against Shepherd Bot/Reyna.

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Shaurox - Shield recharge rate and shield capacity. Probably health regen for the third piece. With shield gear you can avoid shield skills in their helix and focus on damage, or double stack for extra tankiness.

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I’ve tried this combo for Ernest a few times and it actually is fun because it’s just different from the standard AS / RL:
0 cost shard with minus heal
Health regen with whatever stat you want with it (preferably cheap to activate)

All gear is usually active by the 7 or 8 minute mark (possibly by the 5 minute mark if you’re a shard whoring douche nugget) so obviously this is good for meltdown and incursion but not so much for faceoff or capture.

I keep my egg in defensive mode which I feel is so underutilized. I normally position myself closer to the front lines so the tanks or supports can enjoy the DR from the egg while I peg away at waves. The regen alongside your absurd DR for a support will keep you in the fight without the need to retreat. And in most cases you’ll be hit for more than 15% of your health so that almost 50hp/s regen (from the Blissbeast) tops you off really quick.
If topping the charts in kills is important to you than this isn’t the build to use. But you’ll definitely be the wave clear king as you usually won’t have to drop back for healing!

Worth trying at least once.

Oh a side note, if you’re in an incursion match against a Ghalt, keep your charge on the ready (assuming you took the knock back helix) and have fun trolling him on his pulls. I would intentionally dive in front of the hook and immediately knock myself back to my egg. Indirectly saves your teammates from a lot of hurt.


For Shaurox I use a blue max shield with neg reload, free shield Regen with neg reload and a blue damage reduction with additional damage reduction after using a skill. If I were going to use legendary gear I would use vibro core module (some people I’ve talked to swear by their lore legendary but I find it a bit too conditional for my taste) and the modernista with a free shard gen (neg reload).

For Ernest I use blue reload with reload after reload, green damage reduction with reload after reload and a common attack damage. If I were to use legendary gear his lore legendary is not bad but it means you can’t use a shard gen with a neg stat without effect. Maybe hidden charger or vyns quiver. He is one of the only characters I would use orbital tracking spike with. I don’t play him as much anymore though.

Hope this helps. Happy hunting!

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Why neg reload on the shard gen?

Isn’t that bad for Ernest?


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That’s for the Shayne build. You could sub the attack damage for attack speed on the Ernest build. I might change that on my loadout now that I look at it.

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My eyes are tired.


Thank you.



I use my isic loadout on Ernest, bolas+ symbiotic and free shards i get helix to max every shot dmg like direct hit even if it bounce and mark targets or regen +dr and alamo7 for defensive mode or dr + reload and reload+regen for max spam aimless deathbrain mode.

Shane i use legendary dr+ 3% in shards of dmg taken and legendary shield +20% chance reflect bullets and free shards for tankish mode or legendaey regen +regen while shield is recharging and attack dmg for attack mode or rath loadout for hit and run tacticks (this is the most annoying loadout) get all the speed boost helix and dmg while stealth.


Is Bola’s good on ERNEST?

Woukd Bola’s + Voxis be good on both ERNEST and Shaurox?

Direct Hit procs Bolas so yes it would be good.

Ernest benefits from double scaling on Direct Hit, so until they fix it, stack attack and skill damage. Max health is always a good thing to take.

-Heal Power 0 Cost Shard Gen.
-Shield Recharge delay 0 cost Reload Speed
-Common Attack Speed gear
-Epic Jennerit +Attack Damage gear with +Attk Speed Secondary

Legendary Gear Options:
-Mini-Singularity Launcher
-Symbiotic Gauntlet
-Bola’s Target Finder

I could see voxis on Ernest but not on shayne.

Anywho, I don’t play Ernest because I can’t stand his playstyle.

But Shayne I mess around with a few different loadouts. Having sprint speed and movement speed on him is nice so you can gain ground on fleeing opponents and take them out and then sprint out quickly considering his passive. Most of the time I use negative reload shard gen, blue health regen, and purple damage reduction with extra health regen. I think team composition factors a lot into what gear you should run on him. Are you the lone tank? If so build more survivability. You have a gal or a Montana on your team? Run gear that enhances your offensive ability.

The eldrid epic offensive items are objectively better than the Jennerit ones. 210 health always trumps 5% attack speed (even more so on characters with a reload, where AS is just a suboptimal stat in general).

Affirmative, Concussive charge is Ghalt Trolling FTW :wink:

Also good for pushing Bb in desired direction, interrupting Kelvin’s stun chain aso.

So, Ernest will need survivalability to be always on the frontline with his “TrollingCharge”, and HP regen helps with that greatly.

This is pretty good for both Ernest and Beny because of their unique reloads


Using that in one of my ERNEST Loadouts right now!


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This whole idea of Ernest neutralizing ghalt pulls needs to be put to bed before it gains traction.


Nah, why?

A counter’s a counter…