Best gear for Bloodsplosion build?
This is the current build for my new Krieg while trying to run thru TVHM to UVHM. Currently have a level 42 Blast Proof Love Thumper, level 37 FotF and level 40 Grounded 1340 Shield for shields. I’ve a level 42 L. Psycho and level 39 Salt Meat w/+4 StW and health regen. Weapons are a level 43 Texas Triquerta, level 40 Law, level 40 Bowie Maggie and level 19 shock Evisceration Rubi. Grenades are a level 37 Corrosive Fastball and a slag homing transfusion. I may have gear stashed on mules (which is where most of the gear he’s using now comes from) but not really sure what works best with this build (and it doesn’t help that I keep playing him like he’s got RtB already). Any suggestions would be appreciated…

The best gear would likely be a singularity grenade because the closer your enemies are to each other, the easier it is to set off a BS chain. Pretty much anything that’ll kill your enemies quickly will work before UVHM. It’s in UVHM that you want to look for things like the Rough Rider (if going with StV) and hard hitting guns, like the Twister, DPUH, Kerblaster, etc.

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Actually, a singularity effect should make chains harder to happen as it’ll cluster targets in a way that the first Bloodsplosion will trigger all the following explosions simultaneously. Against mobs it still works as you usually don’t need more than two consecutive explosions but it’ll fail against Pete or Vorac.

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I’m using a Baby Maker that I had sitting on a mule- with Blood-filled Guns it hits like a Missouri mule. Would other Tediore weapons be good for this?

Ofc they would be

Tediore Launchers can do a ton of damage and without too much ammo consumption(as Tediore launcher reload doesnt consume any ammo in bl2)

And Redtext ones like Baby Maker/Gunnerang will ofc do tons of damage

As will Plasma Casters

Ofc regular tediore smg/pistols are good too

If you’re looking to set it off with melee, invest in his melee skills (when you have the points) - Empty the Rage, Silence the Voices, Salt the Wound. You’ll need to be 57 to get both Release the Beast and Bloodsplosion but when you are there go into RtB to set it off - you get increased melee damage and iirc it’s calculated multiplicatively with roid damage. I would also recommend a slag bouncing betty in uvhm, and I like an explosive damage relic too.

If you’re going to set it off with guns there’s loads of options - any powerful explosive weapon like DPUH, Swordsplosion, Ravager. I spec Nervous Blood to facilitate gun play in general - it’s a great skill.

An overall thing to consider is getting and keeping Bloodlust stacks. I would fill up both Taste of Blood and Boiling Blood, and consider using a slag betty, Storm Front, or Florentine / Slagga, all of which are good at building stacks quickly (I prefer the Florentine as the DoT really helps).

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It does if you reload with ammo still in the mag of course - never thought of using it for Bloodsplosion, but this can actually be useful in giving overkill damage. Blood-filled guns can give a hilariously large mag and so powerful reloads (though it does eat ammo).

Haven’t come across a slag Betty yet and I haven’t done the Splinter Group mission so unless I get it as a world drop the Storm Front will have to wait (I may have a higher level one on a mule- I have a level 50 Balanced Slagga waiting for him on one). This is still more of a gun focused build than melee so I think I’ll move the points from Blood Trance to Boiling Blood- just hit level 45 and have a couple of points in StF (helps that I just got a blue Crunch mod with bonuses to Taste of Blood & StF).

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An ordinary Tesla grenade will do the job of a Storm Front too - they’re useful because they have do sustained damage (building stacks) and you can run around without fear that they’ll hurt you. Keep an eye out for betties - they’re useful on Krieg (any level or rarity).


Tediore weapons work fairly decent with Krieg.

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If you’re still leveling up, then Tediore weaponry is your best bet. You need StV, 5/5 FtB and/or RtB to get Krieg’s insane Damage output via Bloodsplosion and melee.

When you reach level 61, be sure to spec into Bloodlust/Mania, since you will have the best Bloodsplosion damage by using Krieg that way (because first : huge Melee Damage, and second : Fuel the Blood).
If you plan on using Roid shields, then be sure to get a Rapier, as it will do more Damage than Krieg’s Buzzaxe. Otherwise, Adaptive Shields or the Rough Rider are your best bets.

For your Class Mod, Diesel Blister, Diesel Sickle or Scream Sickle are recommended.

Here is an example of build you want for optimal Bloodsplosion :

If you have question or you don’t agree, feel free to express your opinion :slight_smile:

I watched a guy spec specifically for tediore for krieg it was interesting, I have experimented with it some, been doing some other things for a bit, but I’ll get back to it.

I love the “Javelin Krieg”, with the E-Tech Tediore Launcher and the Legendary Psycho. Someone posted a build on the forums : it’s right here if you want.

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I actually when I have time been building a total explosive krieg with bloodsplosions. Been a whole lot of fun.

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In general though, if you’re levelling up, I really wouldn’t worry too much about build or gear. Focus on general strategies: getting and maintaining Bloodlust stacks, slagging everything in UVHM, killing a small enemy first to generate overkill damage. You probably won’t see Bloodsplosions with every kill and you may not hit the damage cap, but they will happen. This should give an idea of the kind of enemy placing and tactics you need to start off a chain.

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100% agreed, Krieg is definitely not the easiest character to play as, so you’ll have to practice to master the Art of Bloodsplosion ^^

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oh no even if you do have ammo in the mag it does not consume ammo in bl2(unlike in pre-sequel, where it does consume ammo if its in the mag)

thats what makes Javelineer Krieg work

Looking back, I see we were at cross purposes - you presumably meant just rocket launchers? They’re obviously the exception; I had Tediore smgs in mind.

I theorycrafted a Tediore Tank Krieg once. It played like Wilhelm in TPS, except you had more ammo but slitghtly less survivability and no Ammo Regeneration. Never thought about testing it unfortunately.
With a Rough Rider, Legendary Psycho (or some of the Barbarian COMS), Blood of the Ancients and Plasma Casters/Baby Makers. I wonder if a basic Cubic Zerconia SMG would work though, since I really like the Cubic Zerconia skin.

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I’d be interested to try. I’ve really only used them to get out of ffyl, but I might try an all Tediore build in the Magic Slaughter (useful ammo shrine), see how it works with Bloodsplosion.