Best Gear for Eldrid

(JCPenny) #1

For Eldridge characters, as of right now, I’m essentially just stacking max health (regen) and healing gear. Is that the way to go, or should you be using other combat stats (like damage, attack speed, resistance, etc…)


(RookPrime) #2

Depends, but hp/hpregen gear can be nice and effective. Personally I go attack damage, hp and hp regen on melka and find it very effective, whereas my Kelvin has skill damage or cooldown instead because of his chomp mutators.

Mainly with Eldrid grab gear with downsides to shields (eg -recharge/delay) to get much cheaper activation costs, but remember that gear secondary effects that require a shield to be down (e.g. a boost to healing power when shield is depleted) won’t function unless you actually have a shield to be down (e.g. bringing a peice of shield max gear).

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(BipolarFish) #3

Check out gear that has added “when taking health damage X happens”. It’s extremely useful. If you’re running Boldur, I’d recommend a legendary health regen and then attack speed and health power. Late game when you get bonus health regen, it seriously stacks up and you’ll regen 50 health or more a second.


( #4

Across the board with Eldrid it’s been health regeneration or some way of getting health back (Like root tea for example). Other than that it varies depending on who you using, but Health regeneration has been a constant.


(Vasconezdan) #5

Is that real because I have been using one on Miko I just can’t seem to prove it though. I thought it may be a cool advantage/buff item that is exclusive to Eldrid since no shield to start so they almost “cheat” the system.


(Hortey) #6

I’ve got a 0 shard req +280 max hp with a - shield regen, a 10% attack with 6% attack on HP damage, and a 8% skill damage with 5% skill damage on HP damage.

Since eldrid don’t have shields it’s basically always up, my thorn blows people up in unfair ways. From full HP, no Umbra has ever survived Cursed charged arrow to the body > slowing aoe at feet > Ult… 100% to dead in 2 GCD’s.

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(Phadin) #7

It’s real. I was trying a ‘no shield’ buildable cost reduction item with Miko. It had no effect, the cost of buildables was unchanged. Very easy to check that way as it doesn’t require any attacking or looking for number popping.


(Fingercut) #8

Can you send a pics of your gear ? I love Thorn and a i want to try this set up :slight_smile:


(Vasconezdan) #9




Well, one thing I always suggest for gear is to run a sketchy easy money. Unless your playing miko, this is 2.1 shards a second for no shard cost, allowing you to build up shards fromt he start of any story mission or match (it lowers heal poweer, which doesn’t affect most characters that much).

Beyond that though, Health regen is great, by you can also run sheild gear. Kelvin can just use a sheild generator as he has a shield, but has negative shield regen (you need a 35+ I believe) And for other eldrid, i think they have positive shield regen, just no shield, so +max shield works for most other eldrid.

I also think basically any character can use cooldown reduction well, as well as attack speed (i believe this even affects toby, just not his charge rate, but every other part of shooting) and attack/skill damage buffs.

If you want legendary gear, a great place to get some for eldrid is The Sentinel. I use chrono key (cooldown + bonus effect -1 second for every 500 dmg you deal for all cooldowns) and symbiotic gaunlet (+8.9% dmg +3.2 movement speed and bonus up to +8.9% extra attack damage based on current percentage of health) Vigilance link and the song of whatever give max health and health regen (respectively) to teammates, while vyn’s quiver increases reload speed while also allowing your attacks to slow enemies every 10 seconds. Sabotuers got another version of that last one but reduces recoil.