Best gear for Ghalt?

I’ve used Ghalt once or twice and I really like him, so naturally I want to take it to the next step and find the best possible gear for him to use.

As a test, I used reload speed but I didn’t really see much of a difference (I could be wrong) and seeing as you later get a reload speed increase anyway, there might not be any point of it.

So I’m in the dark and that’s where you guys come in. What gear are you guys using for Ghalt?

Also, is there anything on his helix I should either must get or anything that I should completely avoid?

Pro tip: skip both of the lvl 3 augments, it will make your life easier.

For gear I use a chest, mag, and a fist.

For the Helix:
1:left 2:right 3:middle
lvl 1: 1- Easy hooks
lvl 2: Does not matter but 2 will do more damage if you can keep them their
lvl 3: 2- Better damage at close range
lvl 4: 3- Pared with the lvl 1 makes hitting the hook much easier
lvl 5: 1- CC is op in the game
lvl 6: 1- Great damage
lvl 7: 1- More bullets
lvl 8: 1- For a quick combo
lvl 9: 1- If alone 2- If wanting to be a team player
lvl 10: 2- Great damage 3- The other teams have a lot of CC

PS: Play him on Capture Maps

I usually use reload speed with an added effect because believe it or not it does help. When you think about how many shots you get off per minute it’s a huge difference in a fight. Shield penetration kit definitely in PVP because if you get that hook, trap combo its a solid kill. If I’m playing PVEor PVP I sometimes like to use a healing kit, either health regen or +health received, considering he doesn’t have any natural ways of healing. Another good one is cooldown time kits because the more hooks and traps you get off the more effective you can be for your team whether in PVP or PVE

Thanks for all your suggestions. It’s been a huge help in deciding if I want to use him or not.

This sounds pretty doable. I have a few good reload speeds and health regens. The mines are the best thing about him.

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