Best gear of Alani?

What are the best gear for Alani, although she does not have any shiled!

What do you guys suggest ?


Before i managed to get Master of Alani i actually used Ambra’s Legendary unique item because it gave + 5.73% Skill Damage and + 5.73% Heal Power, i think since all Legendary uniques have been fixed to be the same stats i think its actually 6% to both stats now instead of 5.73%. You obviously don’t receive Ambra’s unique stat bonus unfortunately but the point is it increases Skill Damage and provides Heal Power so if you don’t have Ambras unique Legendary then something with those stats.

My second gear is another Legendary, Veil Manipulator which gives 1.94% Bonus Shards per second, 6.45% Heal Power and upto 3.87 Health Regen per second. I have a feeling this item may have since been nerfed but i always activated this first so i had a constant supply of shards coming in. It also gives a huge bonus to Heal Power and of course massivly increases Alani’s already decent Health Regen.

My third item was just a purple that gave 12.86% Heal Power and 5.14% Attack Damage. In this case i again went for Heal Power and activated this gear last but the Attack Damage is great for Torrents and can be swapped out for an Attack Speed + Heal Power if you prefer faster Osmosis stacks.

This gear loadout is a late game setup and i constantly found myself doing 1800-2200 burst heals and dealt increased skill damage and base damage. Unfortunatly Alani herself has since been nerfed so i don’t know just how powerful her heals are now since i moved on to master Galilea which i finished about 3 days ago.

You can find my Alani Guide here in my Steam Guide for Battleborn. Just be warned that the guide is relatively lengthy so just skip down the contents to Alani :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a separate forum for each character. You can find lots of useful info there.

A little attack speed is great for building osmosis.

Well, she doesn’t need a shield as she has passive health regeneration and 2 self healing capabilities. That being said I think having one makes me an unstoppable nightmare when I get it online. I also am a person who uses mostly all legendary items in my builds because the unique effects are great to combine.

  1. Executive Insurance Policy, which gives me 180 shield, 1.2 shards per second, and an overshield whenever my shield recharges to full.

  2. Vow of Zealous Fury, got lucky with a perfect roll on this item too, which has 9.8% attack speed, 7% crit damage (not very important), and the kicker: activating a skill stacks 1.96% attack speed. I picked this item because while I don’t know how long the stacks last, I’m popping my skills very often. When I have all the stacks up, I have nearly 20% increase in attack speed. When I get to the helix option that makes me choose between 20% attack speed and making it so my successful hits reduce all cooldowns by .5 seconds, I really don’t have to choose at all. This item lets me have both. So now I’m pelting you with fast waterbolts and whenever they connect I’m getting cooldown reduction.

  3. I’ve been playing around with my third item since I haven’t mastered Alani yet (just need those damn Ambra kills). I’m currently running Friction Fizz, which adds shield charge rate increase, sprint speed increase (addressing her lackluster sprinting) and after 3 seconds of consecutive sprinting, shields begin recharging, allowing some control over when I get that overshield.

Inititially I had Dr. Fist’s Med Bag for my third item but I don’t think Alani could really capitalize on the passive, even if the heal power is nice. Big weakness for me is when I’m immobilized. No sprint = no shield control = dead-lani. You really have to play around and see what you prefer.

how to have those gears? are these gears sold when I reach lvl 15? cuz I can open only uncommon packs

For Eldrid healers the rare healer gear from Eldrid packs are the best. They all have -shield so cost bugger all (about 600 shards each). Max rolls are around +25% heal power (item 1), +500 health (item 2) and +25% self-heal (item 3). All that for about the cost of one legendary.

As her self-heal is already fairly potent, you could even ditch item 3 and use a zero cost shard generator instead (found in common packs or PvE). Personally I’d rather spend my extra shards on buildables so I level up faster than blow it all on legendaries.

If you are asking me, the first and third one I got from Epic Loot Packs. The second item is a small percent chance drop from the last boss of the Heliophage, Rendain, on Normal or Advanced mode.