Best gear so far, IMHO, PvE

I’m posting this after testing Gal on every map more than once in Advanced mode.
note: This is PvE only, I have not played her on that toxic game mode. :wink:

Special: After testing each type of mod for her, attack, speed, healing, etc., I have come to this.
For the most and very consistent damage I need to keep that shield up.
With the right build she can mow for her team, more than she can tank.

  1. Smart Easy Money, 2.10 shard gen, -4.20% cooldown time for 5 seconds after landing a crit, 714 activation cost
  2. Premium Health Plan, +254 Max health, +25.35 Shield recharge per second, Gain +25.35 Shield Recharge per second while at full health., Activation cost 1800
  3. Vibro-Core Module, +42.00 Shield Recharge per second, +5.60% Attack Speed, damaging enemy shields powers your shields for 14.00% of the damage., Activation cost 1800

Just posting this to give the cool kids something to work with.


Your build doesn’t really do anything for when Gal inevitably takes health damage. Corruption is pretty pathetic on the self-healing front, so I wouldn’t really count on that.

Also, you’re talking PvE, you should really use something instead of the shard generator. In PvE, shards are thrown out like candy. The shard generator really isn’t necessary, especially since you’re using a shard generator with a shard cost.

My set up for Galilea is a Vow of Vengeance (9.8 attack damage, 5.6 attack speed, .98 attack damage stacked 10 times on melee hit), Vow of Righteous Fury or Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr (9.8 attack speed, 7 crit, 1.96 attack speed stacked 5 times on skill use or crit, respectively), and Shadow Mote Overflow (her lore legendary; 7 hp/sec, 5.6 attack speed, and 50% lifesteal on stunned targets).

This build makes Galilea attack insanely fast (~31% from gear alone), hit insanely hard (~20% from gear), and heal back incredibly quickly (since you should be opening with a stun; it also works with any stun, not just hers, so it has synergy with a massive number of other Battleborn).

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…You are not correct. Take a map like Sabo, that shard generator is necessary.
btw I posted my opinions and findings with over 500 hours into Advanced Story mode, they are simply my own findings, not science.

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I’ve done a crapton of PvE too and have never found a need for a shard generator in PvE, even on Saboteur. I can always afford to buy all 3 legendaries on top of at least 1-2 turrets on each of the last 2 defense nodes (without bogarting all of the group’s shards either).

[quote]btw I posted my opinions and findings with over 500 hours into Advanced Story mode, they are simply my own findings, not science.

Agreed. These are both simply opinions. I really do think that, if you need/want a shard generator, you’re better served getting a 0 cost one with an insignificant penalty (like -reload, since it doesn’t affect Gal) than you are with a green one, though. If you really want a secondary stat, why not going with a purple (with -reload penalty so that it’s the same activation cost) so that the buff is constant?

…Honestly on our groups team of 5 on Advanced I can only manage to get a minimal amount up until the end.
It’s my understanding we share 20% of shards picked up and there seems to be another factor in PvP where there is math for picking them up and breaking them, dunno. Wish, really wish, Gearbox would give us some facts on things.

One more note about my loadout, at first I thought it was wasteful to stack my shield recharge like that but if I go Right on Helix 1-4 that setup is stacking and I’m doing incredible damage without touching the enemy.

Still have never found a point in getting a shard generator for pve sabotuer on advanced I usually end with 2000 extra after my 3 legendaries same with my friends

OK, everybody loves data so I’m going to do a run on Sabo advanced and record the numbers in detail.
btw Maybe we are not on the same page because as Ambra the one piece of gear I want by helix 7 does cost 1800.

While a shard generator on Sabo does help I found you can be Die Hard and go without it.
Thing is by Helix 8 I was in the 3rd inside area where things begin to get heavy and I had already bought 2 turrets.
So, I decided to spend the shards on my gear, 2 legendaries and one purple.
I only had 74 shards left for the final onslaught and couldn’t buy a turret if they went down.
The drones aren’t that helpful but I do like to buy a repair drone during this battle.
At a cost of 700 there was no way.
The armored Thrall took out both turrets, they normally do even if you stand there and melee them away.
I couldn’t afford replacements.
Wouldn’t you know it, two Beast spawners spawned right next to the core.
You have to admit, a shard generator would have come in handy, even though this was Die Hard. :wink: