Best Gear to Boost Emergence Damage?

I seem to be stalled out on the “deal 3000 damage with emergence” lore. Any suggestions? Just not getting the damage numbers from it, apparently. (Character level 15, so all helix suggestions welcome too!)

You need to hit a lot of enemies with it. I farmed it on The Archive, the last defense point in The Renegade is also an option.
No need for skill damage gear, just basic Emergence.

I did also get a few ticks in PvP for the challenge, playing Incursion.

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Bola’s would work best. Past that it’s your decision, but maybe playing with an Ambra would help

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Thanks for the tips! Will keep plugging away…

Gear setup that makes it really fast is lorrian skill spike and chrono key if you have them.

Take the cool down reduction at level 7 and your skills will cool down QUICKLY.

End of the renegade would be a spot that’d work well using emergence on the crowds trying to rush the doorways

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No gear needed just run the Algorithm once and only use Emergence on ISIC’s core until you’ve finished the challenge. Guaranteed +3000 damage every time, at least it was when I was level 9 three days after her release.

The numbers don’t really add up, but I guess ISIC takes increased crit damage like skulks or has multiple hit boxes. IDK

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Isn’t Voxis core damage counted as Voxis Core damage and not skill damage?

Yep. Good point. Imma see myself out