Best Grenade for 2 action skill Zane?

Whilst the Hex is a decent overall grenade, I have noticed that for the cryo variant to be worth it, you actually need to spam it. A single cryo hex just doesn’t do a lot after the nerf, even if it’s got a good prefix.
I run a Clone & Drone Zane build, meaning my grenade deployment methods are limited to Fractal Frags, Drone Delivery and Duct Tape Mod (which I all use) which also means that I’m looking for the grenade which is gonna generate the most value from a single toss, the one to use if you’re only throwing maybe 2 or 3 grenades per minute.

I’m a big fan of “it’s piss” but it’s basically only worth it, if you’re in a situation where the nade actually hits the target. I use it for boss fights.

I like Atlas grenades, preferably MIRV variants with extra bounces, they knock down enemies and with both Drone and Clone throwing out they add for decent damage and disable.

usually it has to be either atlas or some sort of nuking mirv explaoder from torgue

Atlas or mirv or a VERY GOOD singularity. The less the clone and drone has to aim the better

I use a storm front. While it doesn’t home in on enemies, the aoe is so big, it easily hits whatever the drone/clone is aiming at. Pretty consistently strips shields, if nothing else. Nice with transformer shield too.