Best Grenade for "while in IB 20% chance drop grenade"?

I’m always switching my playstyle with Moze because I can never find the “perfect” build for myself with her. Right now I’m doing an IB-only playstyle. I have +health and Action Skill Cooldown for most of my things. The only Annointment that really affects IB in terms of damage or playstyle is this one I think. So I’ve come to ask if any of you guys have played around with this annointment and what results you have seen.

Epicenter: Using this grenade right now. Sometimes I am surrounded and will shoot this out. On M4 the damage isn’t that great but it makes everybody around my radius jump up or dodge in fear. Great CC I guess. And if this hits back at me it is fire anyway so doesn’t hurt IB too much.

Windowaker: Quickly sold this one. It sticks to the ground. Generally, I’ll shoot in place so it doesn’t do anything. It just goes off at nobody.

Surge: Huge AoE Radius. That part is really great but I’m unsure if it was damaging me with all my extra splash damage. I seemed to go down faster than usual using this grenade so I sold it.

Fastball: I mean the damage is good but I’m unsure where exactly it shoots out. I think it shoots out of IB’s feet so it usually just hits the floor or a barrier and detonates at nobody. Didn’t like it. Sold it.

That’s all the grenades I’ve tried. I found these all in vending machines. If you guys have good results with certain grenades let me know so I can farm them up. Wish I could find more but I was vendor-farming and Graveward farming for 4-6 hours last night and got exhausted. I’m going to just finish the DLC2 storyline for now.

Thanks in advance

i would try something from atlas
since you cant aim with the grenades xD
maybe a hex?

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I’m surprised the Fastball doesn’t work. I once tried a Nagata (which is similar) and it was much easier to aim. Unfortunately, if you want damage, most legendaries just don’t do enough on M4. Spring Epicenter is probably the best one, but it needs to hit the target so all the spheres hit and you can’t easily make that happen in IB.

My recommendation is to keep those grenades, not sell them, in case they are buffed (we have been getting a lot of buffs to weapons recently, so I would not be surprised if some grenades are buffed), and in the meantime keep an eye out for purple Atlas grenades with the IB anointment. They don’t need to be aimed and some of them (those with some combination of Divider, Mirv or/and Bouncy) will do decent damage (and they’re valuable for Moze’s other builds as well).

Torgue Nukes also do decent damage and might be fun to try, but I’m not a fan of them since MoD can’t really sustain them by itself. (Which reminds me to try the Sapper Com with them).

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Cloning maddening tracker always anand forever

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Hey! Just a couple questions to start this:

Are you on PC? If so, I have a collection of BearNades I can offer to you to mess with.

Second. What is your build like? Are you running a Mindsweeper, Green Monster, or Blast Master? Something else? These things will help determine what kind of grenades will work with you and your Bear.

So. For Mindsweeper builds, you’ve got good stuff in the crit departments. Shock Hexes would be a good one to strip shields, or cryo ones to bring your enemies to a stop while also helping a little by chewing up that nasty armor. These will crit a good bit and drop grenades of their element, giving you lots of extra help.

If you’re running Blast Master, you’re gonna want something with some good splash damage. A spring epicenter or a Moxxi’s bouncing pair gets pretty up there.

Hunter Seekers are really nice if you’re willing to hold an Unforgiven while piloting Bear. It’s a bit exploity, but it’s really powerful.

The Cloning Maddening Tracker is a standard, but doesn’t offer as much utility inside of Bear as it does outside. You normally want a BearNade to cover a hole Bear has. But I have this.

Green Monster has a lot of wonky stuff going on with it, and can bestow Corrosive damage and Splash boosts to your grenades.

Again, if you answer the questions at the beginning, I might be able to help more :).

Oh! I can send you my BearNade pamphlet :joy:


Forgot nukes thrown by bear should be free…but also…might not work right.

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Anything with a high base damage that bounces around is good – Tina’s Hippity Hoppers, Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair, Anshin coil grenades.


Just keep in mind this annoint is still bugged and you have to unequip and reequip after every IB use.

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You kind of can - it’s like aiming the grenade from the Cradle or the orbs from the WTF shield for both range and direction (so I understand if few people have this sort of practice). :stuck_out_tongue: Outside of Hex grenades or incredibly good regular ones with a tracking delivery, multi-MIRV ones are my favorite for this… tons of damage with a little slop in case I miss.

No way the Unforgiven crit buff transfers to those grenades? :open_mouth:

How does this work? Get the corrosive damage going and throw a grenade?

Thanks… I always forget this. :sweat_smile:

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Hunter Seekers and Red Queen Beam. Yup.


That Green Monster COM really needs work from her Bottomless Mags tree if someone wants to get the full damage rate… fifty seconds of sustained fire is unusually long for any other character (and for that matter, for non-Vladof weapons). Like has anyone used a non-Vladof weapon with the Green Monster and gotten to the deeper splash damage at the 50-second mark?

As in, you build the stacks and hop in without releasing the trigger (so they’re ‘saved’ while driving), or it works on Iron Bear’s weapons, so you just fire the weapons while wearing that COM and off you go?

Oh, you can let go of the trigger. As long as yo don’t reload or pull the trigger, stacks grow.

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No you shoot once and the effect keeps rising until you shoot again.


Ah… I fire the weapon once to get the stacks growing ‘in the background’, as in, if I tried to fire the weapon again to take advantage of it, this subsequent trigger pull would reset the stack. However, for Iron Bear’s purpose, this otherwise unusable stack will be applied to its weapons without risk of losing it with a trigger pull while driving.

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Precisely! It’s become the basis of my main Moze playstyle :joy:


Wait. Y’all be using the 20% made throw? It’s working now?

Also I can’t decide if I will keep using an unforgiven or not. I keep getting one equipped and then taking it back off. I just don’t like not being able to use it for anything during a fight.

I knew hunter seekers were good for this reason! They’re also great for redistribution on low mag weapons.

Have cloning maddening tracker with iron bear annointment on ps4, can confirm it is really fun

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Trying not to overtake this thread (because I do it a lot, lol). But I’ve been using BearNades for a while. They are still broken, I think. But I just swap then between rides. It sucks, but I like it too much to not do.

I’ve actually moved to only using the Unforgiven when I wanna break through a section. I’m trying an Anarchy now as a Green Monster gun between Bears.


They seem to work more often than not now.