Best grenade in the franchise?

Out of every grenade in the franchise, which is best? Rank them on:

Fuse time
Overall practicability

I will rank your response.

Determined by randomized part, not by grenade type.

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BL2 Fastball used to be my top option, but The Electric Chair from Fight For Sanctuary is insane.

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Fastball is top 3 for sure. The electric chair is an elemental-dependent grenade that also does low damage.

(Electric chair) 4/10

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Actually, specific parts can apply here. You could say it’s a Rough Rider with a Pangolin capacitor if you really wanted to.

This is the grenade thread, but fair point.

A few come to mind.

Bonus package: Very easy to get, and incredibly powerful

Magic missile: The premier slag grenade

Quasar: Best crowd control in BL2

BL1 bouncing betty: Trivializes the Destroyer

But my personal favorite would have to be the BL1 longbow, it’s main use is locomotion, but it’s also useful to snipe with grenades.


Kind of a matter of utility vs damage.

The best BL2 grenade that encompasses both is the Quasar. If I could only use one grenade, it would that.
However, I probably use the Storm Front across characters the most.

BL3 grenades on the whole seem superior to 2. Piss, Hex, Fish, etc.


I forgot about the storm front. Seeing this, I went to check if I had any storm fronts. I didn’t so I farmed a few, then realized they added the electric chair and farmed some of them. Some of the rainbow rarity stuff seems like what pearlescense should have been in bl2.


On one hand I remember Derch mentioning in a video years ago about Electric being a neutral element in BL2. There are only a few enemies that resist it. And The Electric Chair is a AOE DOT grenade that is basically the Storm Front Supercharged with Compound V.

So either you disagree with everyone so far, and think the Stormfront is trash, or you didn’t have much experience with it in game to change your opinion if it’s strictly based on the basic information about the grade.
Profanity warning for the beginning of the video if you decide to rewind to the actual farming guide. But notice how it performs after slagging considering this is UVHM footage post Level 80 upgrade.

Borderlands 2 - Electric Chair Weapon Guide - YouTube

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I seem to recall the E-Chair being kind of the same as the SF — parts being equal.

I found this post of mine from Lilith launch.

I didn’t really end up using it enough to judge though.

Incidentally, almost all the effervescents were just reskins and not really worth much — except the Peak Opener of course.

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Yes, it’s the same grenade beefed up, just like most of the weapons in that DLC. The World Burn (Pyrophobia if I remember correctly), the Infection Clean (Fire Bee & Breath of Terramorphous), the Peak Opener (elemental Kerrblaster), Overcompensator (Butcher), etc etc.

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Exactly. Back in BL1, that’s basically what pearls were. For example, the ironclad was a beefed up pangolin shield, which made it the best for Lilith and her shield regen. The Electric chair is substantially beefed up, it has like twice the child grenades as well as those initial bolts.
@VaultHunter101 Thx for the advice, it helped out in diagnosing my brother’s sanctuary crash issues.

It’s really cool that we have all of this stored knowledge of the franchise that’s accessible by simply stringing a few key words together in a search engine. Isn’t it so great that people have spent years on here cataloguing knowledge, and the people who run it totally aren’t about to torch it like some microcosmic library of Alexandria.


I love the Chain Lightning. Easy to get, great for healing when wielding a Grog Nozzle and regenerates grenades.