Best gun in the whole franchise?

Out of every gun you’ve ever used, which is the best?
Score it in:
Overall usefulness
And anything else that makes it the best.

I will reply with my opinion to every single comment.



Damage: 8/10 (decent SCAV triple-barrel shotgun - it works, no damage gimmick)
Amount-of-fun: 10/10 (the voice that comes with it might be the funniest thing I’ve ever done in a video game, and it flows with the combat very well)
Overall usefulness: it’s a shotgun; it’ll kill things at close range.

When you’re in the heat of run-and-gun close combat, you waste someone, and the weapon shouts (in a hilarious aussie accent), “In yer f*ckin’ face, skank!”, it’s hilariously satisfying.


Pimp. Perfect for me who is bad at hitting crits.



Damage: 7/10 (Character dependent, better with some than others)
Amount-of-Fun: 10/10 In Maya, Gaige, Krieg, and Axton hands it burns/kills stuff quick. Edit: It’s pretty good (from what I can remember) in Zero’s hands due to Bore.
Overall Usefulness: It burns stuff at close range.

The projectiles bounce off objects and they’re cubes. Who wouldn’t want a gun from a Minecraft Creeper.

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It’s a rocket launcher shotgun. Easy and satisfying to use.

On lower difficulties, it kills by virtue of the damage a direct shot can put down. The damage you can score in one shot surpasses the most powerful purple tourge launchers. Some of the toughest enemies might take more like 1.2 shots to down, but that gets into my next point, which is incredibly plentiful follow up shots.

On higher difficulties it does damage by virtue of the mag size, especially with fire rate buffs. For example, I was using it with Axton and had 2 ultimate badass loaders spawn on UVHM. I thought “oh man, this isn’t going to end well.” Long story short, I ended up getting them slagged, got a kill for metal storm/onslaught, and melted them both with surprising ease. Very fun and satisfying.

Also, rocket jumping.

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The starting revolver in Clappy’s place.

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Clearly the Flakker! Fight me!

I have a huge softspot for Hyperion shotguns though so lets go with the Heartbreaker!


Hellfire from bl1. Melted everthying even enemies not weak to fire. I used a lvl 30 hellfire and it got me up to lvl 60 lol. Disappointed with the hellfire in bl2, it doesnt even compare to the og lol.


BL1 Hellfire was way too OP but very fun. BL2 hellfire was more reasonable, but also fantastic for Krieg.

Well, I’ll just be very traditional. The Lyuda/Ludmilla/White Death is the best weapon for me in the whole game.
Pinpoint sniping when you need it, and AR style bullet sprayer with a deep mag when you need that.
Pellet split is a bonus, and use it enough and you’ll find placing 2-3 pellets on different enemies is just fun. Knocking off loader arms on multiple targets with one shot is just giggly.

And looking in my master inventory, I have saved 197 (one hundred and ninety seven) Lyudas in my backpack characters, I have a Lyuda for every occasion…

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My only problem with shotguns is that you have to be close to your enemy to do good damage. The gun is hilarious, but it’s more fun than practical.

I give it a 7/10.

If you’re talking about the Pimpernel, I disagree. Snipers are only good in very specific situations, or if you’re Zer0, every situation. But then you have to count in the small mags and slow fire rate.

My rating: 5/10

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The gun has okay damage, but it’s really just for fun. It’s a shotgun so it can’t do much at medium or long range, but it’s not that good overall.

Rating: 4/10

The Badaboom has one use: rocket jumping. It’s amazing at early levels, but loses its usefulness later on. It takes ammo that’s hard to get and only killed the UBLs because you slagged them and used your class’s skills. I’m looking for a gun that you don’t need anything else to kill everything with.

Rating: 7/10

Kills raid bosses in one shot, huge mag, not a better gun in the game honestly.

Rating: 10/10

Flakker can only do damage if you’re lucky. The shots are as accurate as a Nerf sniper rifle, which is to say, not accurate at all. It also depends on EXPLOSIONS that do little damage.

Rating: 3/10

The Heartbreaker, on the other hand, heals and does high damage. It’s very useful.

Rating: 8/10

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The Hellfire is a really great gun, it’s very practical in a lot of situations, but it’s elemental and elemental weapons (beside slag) have a big weakness: resistance. You won’t do much damage when something resists the fire.

Rating: 8/10

As I said to the person above, I agree but it has a huge weakness against resistant enemies.

Rating: 8/10

Lyuda eats bullets like a kid during the apocalypse that just walked into a fully stocked Candylicious. I love the gun, and it’s so amazing, especially in the slag variant. With Zer0, nothing stands a chance.

Rating: 9/10


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