Best Guns after Nerf

I’ve been offline farming the loot midgets and decided to switch back to online for Bloody Harvest. I heard the Flakker was nerfed and was wondering is it still a good weapon or not. If it’s not, can someone tell me the best guns to use after the nerf?

flakker and lyuda as to nades hex


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What is your build?

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Moze, but I haven’t but I dont have the bottemless mag build

Thank you very much!!

Flakker was changed today to only consume one ammo so Moze can again never run out :slight_smile: Lyuda is still good, cutsman for elemental, Rowan call hasn’t been nerfed. As for grenades there are very few good ones so just go with hex. Rarely bother throwing them in this game as they are much weaker in this iteration, Moze is good at abusing them though

Hey thanks man!!

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You will never run out of shotgun shell if you use the face puncher + Ammo Steal on Melee artifact method. Regardless of characters & builds.

It convenience not to have to use the trick, but it will not improve any builds with the 1 ammo patch except in MP where it is harder to switch gears.

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I was just saying for Moze specifically it’s nice. Before today it was still consuming 5 ammo with only having one. As she couldn’t regen the ammo not in the gun she would run out prior to today. Wasn’t saying anything about balance in general just that the one change today was good for Moze.

Fair point

alien shotgun . its a grenade launcher. if you have paintecnce to find telidor . maybe you got homeing missile after ammo in magazine deplete.

well .

about legendary shotgun . Polybius and butcher is powerfull . even cant even power as flakker. but you can play it at online during sync with server


I think they should of kept Flakker at 5 ammo a shot. It would of opened up for other kind of development. I think they need to allow the players to buy more ammo sdu slots and enough so weapons that consume crap tons of ammo can exist, require ammo management to use, while allowing more variation in play for other guns that are more ammo conservative.

They should add an SDU that increased clip size.

That would be interesting, probably would break some elements of the game though. Needs to take into account of other characters skills that already increase mag size. I would probably rather see a newly introduced guardian rank perk added to the list probably under Hunter that would fill that roll.