Best guns with Playing Dirty?

I know the standard answer of high damage, but some guns shine and others don’t. I wish there were more viable guns for one of Zanes best skills.

Guns with unlisted projectiles like the Lyuda work especially well because you get 2 Lyuda shots which both split into 3, so essentially you get 6x the dmg listed on the card.

cutsman, lyuda, monocle,unforgiven,flakker,AAA,torgue sticky rls vladof hitscan rls, bekah,regular alien barrel shotties, sticky shotties with x1 x2 pallet counts, jacobs snipers and revolvers (non mashers) jacobs ars. The scourge is my big fav. torgue handguns benefit nicely like thorns or foursum. maliwan pistols as well, almost all snipers epsecially jacobs. there are a lot of alien barrel or regular barrel launchers that do neat dmg. torgue produces shotties that have one massive lob. regular jacobs revolvers can hit near 2k dmg per bullet. companion and wagon wheel get a lot out of it. one pump chump that shock sniper you get rewarded in lectra city that has horizontal or vertical split. storm and fire storm snipers. destructo spinner more or less. maggie still gets solid umph from becoming x7 for 5 shots. rowans calls are also a special place holders on my PD zane.

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Well, first of all you wanna avoid Shotguns, Mashers and the likes that have low damage per pellet in exchange for a high pellet count. I’m also not sure how accurate the second projectile is, so maybe it’s not so great on guns that rely too much on crits, either.
Generally speaking, any reasonably high damage gun, as well as homing weapons and launchers are all gonna be pretty good.

Any high damage, low pellet/single pellet guns will work well. Guns with unlisted pellets as well.

For shotguns: torgue single/double pellet, Phebert, Butcher, and the like are pretty good in my experience. Jakobs pistols, snipers, and ARs as well.

Mashers and regular shotties get the extra pellet, but it’s just far less impactful to the addtional damage per shot of those guns. IE, the more pellets, the less benefit

Projectiles are best.

The Boring Gun, Agonizer 1500, Kill–o-the-Wisp, Storm/Firestorm, Scourge, Cutsman, Devastator, The Duc, Redline, Roisen’s Thorns, Amber Management, Echo, Flakker are noticeably improved with an extra projectile.

There are several regular gun types improved, like rocket launchers, gyrojets, blasters, etc.

Crossbow, One Pump Chump, Unforgiven, Star Helix, Monocle, Amazing Grace and other strong one-shot /bullet guns are also improved with an extra projectile.

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