Best headhunter?

so which headhunter is the most enjoyable and which one gives the most reward (loot)? name me pls 3 cause i only can afford 3 at the moment

1- Mercenary Day- repeatable boss gives the Loot Train, 2 huge containers with close to 30 or more pieces of gear

2- Wam Bam Island (aka Son of Crawmerex)- a great boss fight that can also spawn Vermiverous and about a half dozen loot chests

3- Haunted Hallow- a great place for tubby runs and the hidden boss drops a legendary RL…


Please note that @Carlton_Slayer did NOT mention the Wattle Gobbler HH-pack! It’s horrible! :acmbarf:

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Mercenary Day, Son of Crawmerax and Wedding Day Massacre.

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I’m one of the few who likes the Wattle Gobbler HH… Mainly because I enjoy the level, even though the boss is really stupid.

If I could only have one, it would be Mercenary Day of course for the loot train.

My favorite though is Rotgut Distillery (the Moxxi one) because the level is a blast and then you have the special thresher fights and the possible God-liath fight. The poster above who suggested Wam Bam is a more practical choice if you are only choosing a couple, because it’s a loot source for the Twister, the Thunderball Fists, chance to spawn Vermi and his loot pool, and has an optional raid boss fight for a treasure room where I often get a world drop legendary.

Also a better chance to farm the Thunderball Fists. More detail is spoiler territory.

I like the head you get from it…
It’s creepy looking.

i buyed myself now the mercenary day and son of crawmerax

What carlton said. My personal favorite is Wam Bam because I love the raid, especially when I get Verm with Craw. But if it’s the loot you’re after, the Mercenary Day is where it’s at.

If you can only get three, get Mercenary Day, Son of Crawmerax and Wedding Day Massacre. Those three offer the best stories, gameplay, replay value and opportunities for easy high-end loot. Specially Mercenary Day, when it comes to loot.

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gotta agree

yep, that’s about the only reason I played through that DLC more then twice

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Im with gut in this, those are also my 3 favorites

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Tks bloody harvest, moxxis wedding day massacre, and the last, son of crawmarax. Those are the best in my opinon.

Wattle Gobbler’s kinda nice in that there are 4 red chests you can get with the only fight you need to do being the Wattle Gobbler itself. Kinda like a poor man’s Torgue Arena.

moxxi’s has the best story, crawmerax is the longest, mercenary has the best loot, and the quickest.