Best Heist Gear and Grolls

Have been trying to see which new dlc legendaries have phasecast or phaseslam Grolls here. Also what if the better Amara gear.from the dlc u guys think ?

What’s a groll?

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I think he refers to “god roll”. Says something about how lazy you can get while typing, when you have to abbreviate a word with three letters.


I have a +300 Phaselam Annexed (21K x 2) Vreet ION Cannon. Haven’t even tried it out yet. Amara is actually my least played character.

I only said groll cause everyone I see online says groll. If I was lazy I wouldñt even post at all

I’ll take that off your hands if you’d like :wink:

I picked up cast and slam Lucky 7s (two phasecast 250 drops came on the same day, bless the RNG), a phaseslam x2 boomer (tons of fun), and a phaseslam ion laser