Best Helio advanced run ever! HEAL'io

To #makethegamefunagain we’ve been doing Helio runs with 5 of the same chars.

Last night was Ambra and oh man was this fun. Just listening to all those Ambras yell at Rendain. :smile:

Healing was thru the roof of course!
(You’ve gotta try this.)


So it seems like even with 5 of the same character you settled into roles very quickly. You played offensively, mostly against bosses, without healing much. Quasar had an even mix of both. LJ focused on healing. The Kawaii King focused on survivability and did a mix of both healing and damage as well. Then there’s just who apparently was either getting healed by LJ constantly or is an absolutely amazing Ambra. It’s very interesting to see how a versatile character’s playstyle can change so readily. Sorry for over analyzing I just saw a pattern and wanted to check. But this does look very fun lol

Correct! One of the Ambra’s just went around healing our Sun Spots, and we couldn’t stop them. :smile:

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There are some factors that might affect end stats other than skill. Like, if one player always runs ahead of everybody and is first to attack every pack of enemies, he’ll likely have more damage dealt than others. Same with playing offensively or cautionary, former will deal more damage but this behaviour is risky and might also require special attention from latter players to revive/help him in tough situations.

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This is true, but although had the most deaths, they also had the most kills, damage, and heals, which means they outperformed the rest of the team. You are correct that it can be due on other factors, but it appears that they really have a handle on the gravity queen

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She. And it’s Tal’Raja, the stands for Tal likes to think she’s the team tank no matter which character she plays and it’s very…interesting when she decides to play Marquis. You’ll probably notice that she’s tied for 1st place in the number of times respawned…

Ugh sorry. I always try to use they but this time I slipped up twice. Thanks. And yeah I could see how she had the most healing now. Excessive self heals from thinking she’s invinciblish

…We never, ever, ever, beat her damage, ever.

True, but that’s only because she’s usually on the front lines dealing and taking the most damage. :stuck_out_tongue:

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