Best Hellborn Raid-boss gear?

What could be considered the best raid-boss (seraph-guardians) gear for Hellborn krieg? I know he’s perhaps the worst character at raid-bosses, but that’s a different discussion :wink:

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I’d suggest the twister, conference call, interfacer, and omen for shotguns.
I believe the sandhawk works well with HB Krieg, but don’t take my word for it.

Anything else is out of my limited knowledge base.

Interfacer, Twister can work nicely. The idea is to keep the enemy on fire as long as possible

The best may vary depending on bosses’ specific characteristics but mainly it comes down to Conference Call or Interfacer with a bit of Twister/Flakker when taking the generic gear approach.

Harold+Bloodbath and Leg Reaper/Blister is probably the most practical option farming wise, given you need to beat the hardest raid to get the Interfacer. Use elemental grenades (preferably shock because alot of them resist fire) to keep yourself alight.

Alot of these bosses are fairly terrible as far as taking DOTs go (Terra sheds them immediately, Pete resists fire and corrosive, Dexi is Dexi) so you’ll probably need to rely on a Grog/Kitten for healing as EE is (sadly) ineffective in alot of those fights.

Yeah I should’ve mentioned that I’d prefer to know none-seraph great, like for example I know the Interfacer is regarded the best shotgun, but I haven’t beaten any of the raid-bosses yet. How do u get the Twister? Of course it depends very much on the raid-boss, true. I’m farming for a fire CC and Badaboom, so those should help!
And yeah, I’ve seen people use the Harold to, hmm, thanx guys!

You get the Twister from Omn-Om-Ok (sp?), a savage from the Hammerlock DLC that can evolve like Vermivorous from Ultimate Badass Savages and is about as hard to spawn. He’s a white whale to alot of players so getting a Twister will be hard as hell. The Harold is probably better for raids and way easier to get anyway, so you might as well settle for that.

Th Conference Call you can get from the Warrior or Handsome Sorceror but it will take alot of farming because of their loot pools, especially an elemental one. You might want to try a Heartbreaker for Terra and Craw if you can’t get an elemental CC- not as damaging but it has moxxi healing.

You can always try melee/tediore-launcher bloodsplosion chains against pyro-pete or terramorphous since it’s a fairly gear-independent approach.

I feel the problem with this is that hellborn specs don’t typically give you what you need to do this kill. Plus it’s more of an exploit than anything so most players who want legit kills will stray away from strats like that. It’s fun as hell though lol throwing a rocket launcher and just watching everything explode XD

More like most people will refrain from chaining bloodsplosions because they don’t know how to chain bloodsplosions (at least not against bosses or raids), besides, it’s one alternative when you’re starting out and need to break the cycle of

  • Need to farm raids for end-game gear;
  • Need end-game gear to be able to farm raids;

Yea I agree, javelineer krieg has a small learning curve but doesn’t need much in way of gear to be viable. Melee will fall off quick without the right fear or spec though.

Legendary Reaper is the best choice for raw DPS, while Legendary Torch/Power Toast are better for sustained fire and survivability (with the right spec : Napalm Krieg, full credit to @xmngr).

If you want to deal insane damage with 10/5 Blood Bath, you might want to use Interfacers/Conference Calls, Plasma Casters to trigger Blood Bath, Grog Nozzle, Storm Front or Crossfire to stack bloodlust (and apply elements). By using this you max out your damage potential.

If you like having a full Hellborn build (and better survivability than Salvador since you don’t have to constantly shoot an enemy), you might want to look at the Napalm Krieg build. With this setup, gear and weapons is entirely up to you (but Interfacer is really ideal imho).

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