Best hotspot for Class Mods?

I’ve quickly realized, after 100 runs of Trial of Cunning, that attempting to target farm a particular class mod is absolutely pointless and is an exercise in futility.

Tink of Cunning is listed as the dedicated dropper of Mindsweeper(Moze class mod) but after 100 runs between the past few days/nights, I’ve received a grand total of 3 Moze class mods, with only 2 being the one I was looking for and a third that dropped off a random annointed mob.

So, dear forum friendos, is there a better place to farm class mods? Particular class mods?

2/100 ain’t so hot, especially when it takes a few minutes to clear the trials…

Classmods behind trial bosses should be a 100% chance imo.

I’ve ran plenty of SS and the drops have been excellent and tons of annointments but target farming still is horrible…

P.S. Looking for Mindsweeper Moze com w NO Torgue Cross Promo and decent stats.

/Facepalm…does the offline Moxxis bar trick still work?

Ive found more through gigamind than anywhere else; i only bothered trying that tink as it dripped a rakk pak once… still only that once but i got the mindsweeper only once to… soo ill stick to giga or continuous rounds at slaughtershaft

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I’ve ran SS at least 4 times a week since release and have only ever gotten 1 Moze class mod! Granted, it was my first Mindsweeper though lol.

I have excellent luck with annointed weapons in SS but not so good for shields/grenades and horrible for class mods.

We need one for two things:

A-realistic way to target farm class mods.

B-an endgame method of altering the classmods we have obtained. Circa, Kanais Cube.

Classmods simply have too much variable information that is detrimental to endgame okay to just be Willy Billy random as ■■■■. Counting skill increases and stats a total of 6 different prices of text to try and roll on.


Joe dirt drops a lot

Wotan drops everything and is pretty easy farm if an Amara is present. The current event isn’t reallly helping because you need four players for a half decent amount of drops.

With the scaling they messed up the matchmaking system again so you will end up with two players most of the time.

I just farm GW and Agonizer. Gigamind is also good, but I don’t like loading that zone. You’re not going to immediately get what you want, but I think it’s a way better option than PG’s, because by the time you’ve completed one PG, you’ve already save-quit farmed those bosses several times and likely picked up something useful. That’s assuming if you kill those bosses within seconds. Never run PG’s unless you have to.

That’s super specific. Not impossible, but it’s going to take a while to farm. If the stat rolls are perfect, than I could care less about the skill configuration. Who knows? Maybe they’ll buff TCP one day.

Boom! 1st Traunt kill! Secondary stats ain’t perfect but it’s got grenade damage and the skills I wanted!

Praise Lootcifer!


Ouu; I’d trade you 1 with +grenade +mag size + tediore reload; exact same skills
That 1 almost matches what id need for a melee mod
(Though if you find 1 with +splash/+grenade, +melee, 45% hyperion crit i dont care for the amount of TCP)

+grenade damage and +mag size? Sure.

I’ll look thru my other and see if I have Hyperian Crit.


I’ll be back in tomorrow evening.

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