Best I could do, new account, after more than 2,000 hours

I found this interesting.
You can see the characters I used, Ambra was the first I mastered on the new account.
For many of the advanced maps I use Pendles or Kleese.
Did everything to get the highest possible score, solo.

So here’s the stats, all Solo, new BB account, going in with lots of experience.
note: Also did each dlc at 100 OPs with every character, not shown.


WOW, I’m impressed!

Didn’t think there was anyone more obsessive and stubborn than I am.


…Knuckles :wink:

Still amazed at the range of scores, as I know every little trick.
Look at the scores for Helio, hardly makes sense. Other than the extra bosses on Advanced.

note: They almost got me on Helio advanced as Kleese, actually knocked me out of the map.
I was sitting on the safe area with 4 rifts, drifted out into the void but landed on some grey brushwork.
Sat there and healed up them amazingly was able to hop around and back in.

Looks like you go into overdrive in Advanced anything.

You’re certainly better than I am on Heliophage. I’ve only attempted it a couple of times for lore challenges and was not comfortable either time. I’m trained to watch for the red dots and they don’t seem to show up as well on that mission.

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…Correct, on my Windows 7 Ult 64bit with nVidia they only show sometimes.

I’m surprised at your scores for Void’s Edge, Renegade, and Sentinel. Void’s Edge is super grindable for score, since the final boss drops “infinite” bonus score each time it summons adds (this is how I ground out Gold on Solo Hardcore modes). I believe I showed you a few months back how to achieve Gold on Renegade while Solo using Kleese. And Sentinel has ridiculous amounts of Bonus Score off the bosses on first damage and death (I believe I hit 110k on Solo Advanced, but it’s been a while). Characters like Thorn can just drop AoE under golems to make them drop tons of bonus score at once.

I only distinctly remember my runs for the hardcore medals, since they were almost entirely solo, and I think the only missions I was incapable of getting gold on solo were Hardcore Experiment (normal and advanced) and Hardcore Normal Heliophage. The rest either have a low cap or a grindable point.

…I know and I’ve done those things but for this new account I wanted to do each mission without milking it like that.

Ahh, that makes more sense. “Did everything to get the highest score possible” had me assuming you were trying to milk it for score.

Saboteur is my best mission too!