Best In Class Purple Guns / Gear?

Ok, so.

We all know how great the Pearls & Legendaries are.

But I love nothing more than finding those sweet sweet Purples with good parts, good damage stats & good bonuses.

Honestly, I only know the bare minimum about the gear parts, and I’ve still almost exclusively used only SMGS, Combat Rifes, and the occasional, situational Sniper / Shotgun.

So - in your opinion - what are the best weapons or piece of gear in each category?

I’ll start by listing the ones I know and like.

REQUEST: When listing your gear, I would be greatly interested to know the highest damage (or defence, or other relevant) stats that you have seen for those pieces of gear / weapons and even what the best parta for them are.


I love high damage, double (or quadruple) damage stat SMGs.

My go to is always a Double Anarchy.

I like scopes, for those easier to get crits, and more ammo and higher rate of fire are always a must.

Uh…ok…my brain is tired after a long week so that’s about all I’ve got so far, gear wise, off the top and of my head, but I really hope (and would be honoured) if some of you dedicated gearheads and collectors could post and help do this thread the proper Justice it deserves!

Thank you all very much in advance.

For smg’s torgue double anarchies, W (mat 2 for best rof) barrel 4 double stingers, red bitches, barrel 4 hellfires and tsunamis.

For shotguns, barrel 4 XX matadors, 2 or 12 shots with the damage boost accessory, forgot the name. Atlas and Jakobs of course. Torgue Matadors, ok add those as well. Red Butchers are awesome and anything barrel 4 Atlas or Torgue with terrible accesory (is that the name)? Barrel 4 Cruxes for corrosive damage mayhem.

Revolvers have to be barrel 4 XX Jakobs mashers, XX or ZZ Savage Unforgiven mashers, Atlas mat 3 barrel 4 mashers.

Repeaters: W Invaders and barrel 4 preferably. TK5 or HRD5 Nemesis with Invader scope for full auto rain of bullets of course. Other than Invaders, repeaters are all the same mostly. Hornets and Firehawks are common-ish and not that impressive and are beat out by Hellfires and Cruxes.

Ok now the rifles: barrel 4 Serpens, Choppers for coolness sake, Urban (mat 2) Punishing Ravens, Ajax Ogres and Punishing Bastards but they need to be mat 1 for some reason because mat 2 iron prefix overwrites the punishing prefix(?) and no damage boost. That’s about it I think. Barrel 4 Dracos? Meh ok, for coolness sake.

Snipers: XX barrel 4 Skullmashers, Urban Penetrators (best rof), W red Invaders, the gearbox and the pearl snipers forgot the name.

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Thank you!

What’s the highest damage ( number x 4) and fire rate and accuracy you’ve seen on a double Anarchy?

I have a 67 mat 1 torgue anarchy and the damage is 215 x4. If I remember correctly the mat 3 steel anarchy has about 235x4 or so at level 69.

Accuracy wise they’re all 27%. Dahls have like 35 but way less damage so they’re worse.


Hmmm yeah my current one is 183 d 4 with I think 35 percent accuracy 13,5 fire rate

I had a 200 plus damage one back on the ps3

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There was an old thread in the old forums called Best weapons, parts shields or something like that and it had a list of all best in class categories. I think I saw it here somewhere

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Some of it got ported in time. For example:

I should probably put a guide of guides together over there.


Yeah that would be cool. A guide with all 69 gun cards of each category

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Shattering bastard, not punishing. But you’re right it has to be mat1. Otherwise it will be iron or steel and inferior. I agree with a lot of what you said, but for the newbies sake I will say this- barrel 4 is overrated in alot of cases. The recoil just doesn’t justify it. Obviously on a 2 shot matador is absolutely does…but it’s not always the case. Especially when you consider how much deadlier a steam of crits can be (again- dependent on character/situation.) On shotguns/mashers accuracy is damage. Barrel5 is often gonna perform better imo. Playstyle factors in of coarse.


My vote for best overall gun in all Borderlands 1 goes to a good-parted Double Anarchy.

With almost every single Blands 1 character I’ve played over the years, I’ve ended up relying very heavily on that gun.

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I second that. It works for you because it works against so much of what’s working against you. Meaning, the types of enemies and how they behave. Mobbing 101. It fails at long distance of coarse, but with a good sight and plenty of bullets, even then you can down most anything. Also the fight for your life system, which is so core in this game, favors it. These are all the same reasons why most snipers kinda just suck. Bl just isn’t a very snipy game. Enemies don’t spawn at most long ranges…there’s always something charging you or hitting you with bullets, messing with your aim, they’re too dependent on head shots. .etc.

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I completely forgot one of the best purple weapons, Death shotguns. Shotguns with the Death title have an unlisted +15% critical bonus. Top shelf (zpr43, zpr630, I prefer 630) deaths are essentially legendary guns. Mailiwan, s&s, and hyperion deaths can be just about as good as any legendary shotgun (and much better than the striker, friendly fire, or jackal)


Yeah, Deaths are one of the few shotguns I use.

I really like fast firing higher accuracy shotguns.

If it’s Fire rate is less than 19. (I prefer 2.5 to 3) and it’s accuracy less than 65 (i I prefer between 70 and 80), I don’t want it.

Raging Brutes are amazing.

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Keep an eye out for Maliwan mat 2 deaths. They can get the angry prefix for a 2.1. And it says b angry so win win



What is mat 2? How can I tell?

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Well on some guns it says ‘blue’ (volcanos) on a death or just a shotgun it’ll say ‘b angry’. (Or just ‘b’ if it gets no special prefix other than the element). Fire hawks benefit from mat2 (or mat1 to a slightly lesser degree) also. They can get the ‘nasty’ prefix which is gonna give you some bonuses as well. ,(20 round mag for one)

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I’ve seen nasty…not sure I’ve ever seen b angry…

Wait, do you mean like physically visible on the weapon itself or as red flavour text on the item card?

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It’ll be in the name of the item. You might also want to take a look through these:

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I have no fast data atm but maybe tmmrow night or saturday I’ll dig up a couple of my mat2s and show you. But yeah like he said it’s just the prefix/ title. Like I know the fire hawk one of my Lils has is a “HRD5 b nasty firehawk”. Unfortunately mat2 doesn’t really look any different, which is a gripe of mine

. Here’s a perfect death from the best of page. Much smaller file size than my camera I guess, as I was able to upload it.