Best in slot non red text gear what am i missing?

i have recently completed mayhem 3 run with 0 modifier farming on zane with only non red text gear and here are my findings:

jacobs pistols-best in slot destardly ranger both in masher and single shot variants
cov pistols-splainer or holey man x2/3
dahl pistols-??
vladof pistols-probably double barrel variation of ones that have big mags like creech
torgue pistols-??? i think magnum but they lose out to cov and jacobs hard
atlas pistols-?? i really can not see their place in mayhem 3 settings always non elemental and therefore behind jacobs
Maliwan pistol-???
tediore pistol- i guess whatever has big mag rite? anything tht mirvs

all of the repeaters a re struggling from same problem while torgue and jacobs do massive dmg for short mag and cov does good dps due to long mag. vladof maliwan and dahl are stuck in a weird place where they have neither mag nor dmg to truly shine.

dahl smg-wolfhound but hyena is also good
hyperion smg- really not a fan of those all i kept finding was powerplay and low fierate puts them below dahl hyp has bigger mag size but with reloads of sub 2 sec dahl excels
maliwan smg- quasar imo edges out pulsar and nebula comfortably
tediore SMG- just what ever mirv reloads

dahl AR-puma seems to be decent but i can not really tell how jackal is different you just got to get lucky with full auto
Jacobs AR-Carabine is nuts’
Atlas AR-Q-system but tbh atlas is just garbage if you are good aimer anyway carabine beats it very nicely and so do bizzukers
COV AR-bizzuker
Vladof AR- no idea but they are decent usually either chain gun or underbarrel nade launcher
Torgue AR- no idea they need to be full auto super annoying to tap fire unlike jacobs or dahl

Jacobs sniper-muckamock
Vladof sniper- leaning towards bratchy
Dahl sniper-diamondback probably?
hyperion sniper- why do they even exist?
maliwan sniper-particle rifle i think these are second best behind jacobs triple burst is annoying but at least damage per shot is high unlike other sniper manufacturers these pack a punch and elemental matching lets them compete with jacobs.

out of heavy weapons i take either mortar vladof or sticky torgue with 4-5 in mag or cov shredda with x3/x4

hyperion shotgun- probably downsizer but not sure
jacobs shotgun- 3 ammo per shot coach imo
maliwan shotgun-terminator
Torgue shotgun-bangstick/poney
tediore shotgun-super everblast (that is x2 prefix)

anyway what am i missing or am i blind to? i tried almost everything but i still do not have much praccy with atlas and dahl. give me an opinion based on 1.Mayhem 3 performance 2.should perform on every character.

I like the Maliwan Melter the best out of all of the Maliwan Pistols.

It seems kind of hard to determine best in slot though since that seems like it is going to vary from person to person.