Best Jack 70 build?

I’ve been searching far and wide on a good level 70 Jack build but haven’t found anything of use. I’m nearing level 70 (level 68 right now). I love my Digi Jacks but I still don’t want to just rely on them. What do you recommend?

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I’m thinking something like this:,lv70

I will not switch the CD CM with anything else for the time being and I rely on my jacks dealing tons of damage while I also do it.

What do you think?

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Have you not tried Absolute Advantage/Company man? If you’re playing Jack right the Digi-Jacks are just your Kill Skill engine - Leadership, AA, most of Greater Good. With the class mod (CEO of all CEOs) that lets you get AA to 88% chance, you can pretty much shoot forever.

Why do you not want to switch from CD mod?

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If you’re looking for the best build, the Celestial Doppelganger is definitely not the place to be looking. The Indistinguishable Projection/CEO builds and the Chronicler COMs are generally much better for End Game DPS.

However, if you insist on using the Celestial, it is STILL highly recommended that you barely put points into the Hero tree (The tree is OK, but there really isn’t the COM support for for any heavy Hero builds to be better than the GG/FE builds end game.

Here’s what I’m thinking when I go with a Celestial build (Obviously open to slight variation due to preference) My idea is basically sustaining a high FR or Slow High Damage glitched weapon with an essentially infinite mag. Jack’s Cache, Marginal Benefits, Absolute Advantage, and Just Compensation will effectively make your glitched weapon run on infinitely (Keep ur nades at zero and throw your cache grenades instead of reloading), and since your weapon would have Hyperion Accuracy and a Sponsorship it can basically turn any weapon into an ubermensch, so to speak.

When I play, my jacks are supposed to be meat shields / deal damage and not die rapidly. It’s how I want to play and thus I inquire about a build centered around that.

Well, generally to make your jacks as effective as possible you’re going to be sacrificing most, if not all, of the skills that make you a real threat.

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If your Jacks kill things at a decent rate, which they can do extremely easily when you build for them, your kill skills still activate at a great rate. They may not be on 24/7 like.with leadership, but the time they will be on will be more than sufficient to handle mobs.

As to your question Op, the only thing I can think of for now (on mobile, can’t be too in depth) is getting rid of resolute (the damage isn’t great and the points are better elsewhere), lean on me (accountability does what this does for 1 point, it’s redundant), hero pose (not necessary with winning), diversify cuz reasons, and 2 points out of any other skill in TGG tree so you can get MiP and still have enough points for your jackasses.

That’s all I can think of for the moment.
You can still do plenty of damage by yourself, but you can also kill off your Jacks if need be for that extra edge. Supply and demand for fighting DoT and LOM because Persistence isn’t neccessary for CD and Resolute screws with accountability.

This kind of contradicts your post title, and your OP, you say you want to know what the best 70 jack build is and you don’t want to have to rely on your jacks, then you say they are supposed to be meat shields and not die rapidly, well if you want the best build they can be distractions but they need to die rapidly, its just the way it is, and typically the Celestial mod for any character is not going to give way to the best build they have available.

I have tested this build with my friend who created it and I think its fantastic and fun to use. Its fast at killing, great on ammo, and has massive survivability to it.

Below is a gameplay video of his build in action against Eclipse/EOS

Here is a link to his build thread on the forums.

Level 70 Jack Build

Maybe his builds not for you, but you asked for the best, and you said you didn’t want to rely on your jacks.


Fair enough, I guess I should have worded it differently. It’s true I don’t want to rely too much on my Jacks but I still want them to do some decent damage on their own. Maybe I’ll give it a different approach.

I’ll look into your build charris, thanks.

Sad but true, Meat Shield Jack Builds are almost objectively worse than GG Jack Popping builds because GBX decided that Jack needed 5 Tank COMs instead of an Offensive Hero COM with Delegation.

To be fair, it makes sense considering what the COMs do. They make his Jack’s stupidly powerful at the expense of his own damage, and that is mitigated by the increase to surivivability. Conceptually it makes sense. It just sucks that they made so many COMs with the same focus.

I mean making the Jacks “stupidly powerful” is more than an overstatement. The damage is nothing when compared to the best builds and those COMs boost offensive skills and stats and aren’t hampered by only getting defensive stats from his COMs

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Maybe stupidly powerful is a bit of an overstatement, but they can more than hold their own in most situations. Besides, the only skills that won’t work at all between the 2 builds are Collaborate, Teamwork, Accountability, and Commitment. Everything else in that tree still works fine.

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Accoutability is somewhat useable because with delegation you can guarantee your jacks will take damage.

You forgot optimism which is counterproductive to a Meat Sheild Jack build, if you for whatever reason wanted to run it.

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I think this is the best build with Jack. Switch between blue CEO of CEO class mod and blue Unbelievable Hero:

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Not so sure about that.

Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, your has no form of health regen at all. That takes away a lot of the tankiness of Jack. It doesn’t even have delegation or resolute. The only defensive skill is winning, and on its own, that’s not enough to make up for the complete loss of defense. There is little defensive potential in this build, and the small gain in offense isn’t enough to offset that deficit.

Unless you’re using the rerouter, but you don’t have a COM that boosts winning up that high, unless the hero does.

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I had one point leftover for health regen. I usually put it into Supply and Demand since it does constant health regen and for allies and yes, I have a rerouter. Health regen has never really been an issue for me with the two toons I use since health drops from enemies all the time and even from the Eddie Oz kit upon kills.

My first toon was Wilhelm who is all about defense and damage resistance so with Jack and all the skills that provide gun damage, I went nuts with it. You don’t really need defensive skills with Jack, your Digi-Jacks can provide defensive help and 5 points into Hero Pose is perfect. Also, I have the Shield of Ages which is a huge asset considering it is Hyperion as well.

I don’t boost Winning other than the 5/5. The Blue Hero class mod gives me +6 on Integrity and +5 Believe while adding +36% gun damage and 19% FR. The CEO mod, also blue, boosts AA +5 and and +6 on Synergy.

wipes the floor.

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This is a better version of your build (TTF at the very least gives you fairly reliable health gain and Hero Pose really isn’t worth the points unless it’s COM boosted). I still don’t think it’s anywhere close to being the best build, as Projection builds are that strong (I personally wouldn’t even go that far into the Hero tree anyway, because constantly popping jacks is a billlion times more lucrative than having PTR).

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maybe, I just don’t value health regen because health drops all the time.

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Health drops are a super unreliable way to sustain your health. If that works for you, you are either:

  • super lucky
  • juke jeasus
  • not playing this build at level 70 in uvhm

I’m not trying to be rude here, I’m just saying that I have a hard time beliveing that you are that much better at juking/luckier than I am.