Best Jack Solo Build

I’m starting my second character as Jack the Doppelganger. I previously played as Willhelm and I like being able to deploy something that makes my solo play feel like co-op. I will be playing solo for all three playthroughs and I need a build that heavily relies on Jacks Clones and makes them as badass as possible. Thanks!


Best Jack Solo Build isn’t gonna be a pet build (where your guys are used for more than just kill skills), but as far as a pet build goes, this (with slight variance for preference) is about as good as you’re going to get. Your Com is most likely going to be a Protagonist due to your preference to having your jacks be more useful, but I almost guarantee you’re going to want to switch to a Projection or CEO COM for bossing End Game, where the pure pet builds dont necessarily cut it.

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Sweet. Thanks! I’m open to any badass build. My problem is that I’m not educated on where Legendary weapons are in the Pre-Sequel, so I’m usually weak which kind of stinks.

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I mean u can get through with golden keys for sure, you never needed legendaries. But if you needed to know where to look check out a Top Gear thread.

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Which thread? (Sorry I’m new to this website)

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There isn’t really a “best” build, there are many great builds. The shotgun builds that abuse his accuracy and AA are some of the stronger ones. But Jack can be played so many ways, hes is really flexible so play him how you want, not what people tell you is the best. We can help you tweak builds and gear if you are having issues but once again Jack isn’t stuck to one way to play. I have 3 builds with him that all play very different.

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I went through 3 play throughs on Jack building up to this. Didn’t really bother with the first tree with how I play and that my goal is to have my jacks die fast to keep the kill skills up. Supply and Demand is mainly for a tiny bit of surviviability between action skill outings, and laser surplus because I had one point left over, and it had to go somewhere.

This build is predicated on hyperion items (Shield, Com, grenade, and oz kit), with jakobs in the first and second weapon slots (Currenly a maggie and a flayer), and two throw away maliwans to steal elements from (i’m lazy and generally just use a cryo and shock, but usually keep the other elements on me). Up until level 70, I used adaptive shields instead of the Shield of Ages), and generally just held on to my 3DD1.3 until I could farm one at a higher level (I used a level 10 I got from a vendor for the first two playthroughs, and the majority of the third)

I would recommend starting with the middle tree regardless of what you might respec to later on. Early damage bonuses and health generation bonuses hike up survivability, and until late in UVHM, you can pretty much get away with any somewhat decent weapon, especially once you hit the capstone. Bloster in the first tree is good early on, but once I hit the capstone, I didn’t want health being added to my jacks.

I pretty much use this build for up close and personal death dealing, and have pretty much reduced my deaths to only accidental acts of stupidity like not paying attention to where the ledge is, and the occasional run of bad luck.

I also do not bother farming money is power stacks, as they really aren’t needed, but nice to have if you play long sessions.

Like the dude before me said, there are a whole lot of ways to play jack. He has skills that can make almost any weapon viable, and no matter how much power you are giving to the digi jacks, they are damn useful regardless.

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