Best Jakobs Shotgun for FL4K?

I’m trying a Jakobs allegiance build, and I’m good for pretty much all gear bar a shotgun.

Can anyone recommend a decent Jakobs shotgun I could farm for? Ideally Legendary or Epic and none elemental.


X25 stagecouch is stupid rare and a pain to farm right now with so many loot sources not scaling.

Those are the two best.


If you have DLC, The Cure is nice from GLaT. Pretty solid damage and pretty substantial life steal. The issue with this is at the moment mission items don’t scale for Mahyem levels.

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@mrmatt1978 Unfortunately, you’re asking a question to which there is no great answer at the present.

The Garcia and the Hellwalker are the only two good ones that can be farmed reliably. I have never been that impressed with the Garcia and the Hellwalker does not perform very well against anything except flesh enemies (though you can kind of make it work with ASEs on your shield and grenade).

The x21 or x25 Stagecoach is a good one too, but the damage on even Stagecoaches has not scaled that well with Mayhem levels. And they are stupid rare. You see the x16 ones a fair bit, so if you could find one with a good anoint it could work until you can find a better one.

If it helps, my Fl4k Jakobs allegiance loadout looks like this:

Wedding Invitation or Unseen Threat

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x25 Stagecoach is probably the best, though stupid rare and as boombumr mentioned, cannot really be farmed.

For options that can be farmed, the Garcia is very good, though only with a x16 variant, which can be pretty hard to get as well. The One Pump Chump can be pretty amazing as well with the 300/90 anointment, which synergizes very well with Overkill.


That makes complete sense then! I got The Cure on an MH10 playthrough with Zane, gave it to FL4K and at MH7 it’s not much good.

It was a pretty nice option on old M4. It didn’t have quite the damage of the Stagecoach or Garcia, but the life steal was really slick. I also believe that it can’t be annointed. That alone would have made up the difference in damage I think.

Jakobs makes a ton of fantastic shotguns; at the moment, it will depend somewhat on where you like to play. If you’re playing at low- non-Mayhem levels, this includes some that are non-anointable and/or can’t come with a Mayhem level (hopefully this will change in the future). We’ll assume you’re playing with Mayhem levels on.

The Garcia and One Pump Chump are probably candidates for the best Legendary, non-elemental Jakobs shotguns, though if you don’t care about rarity so much, that x25 Stagecoach is unreal. (If you’re on PC and I find another, it’s yours).

I love a Nimble Jack for its accuracy while airborne gimmick though. What action skill are you using?

I hadn’t even thought about the One Pump Chump. I have not used that since M4. Might be a really good option. I might even have to try that myself!

I’m using Fade Away.

I’ve got myself a One Pump Chump Just now so will try it out later.

Ok, I was NOT prepared for Garcia farming to be this tedious!

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Yeah, that’s not a great farm. Also, you not only need to get one with the right parts and pellet count, but also one with a good anoint. Good Jakobs shotguns are not very easily obtainable in this game.

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I like the heatwave and Shockwave. But that’s a preference for idiosyncratic play

How are you using them? I haven’t taken them for much further than the standard, “works great at close range” myself.

They nerfed the Jacob’s stagecoach!!!
I repeat, They have NERFED THE STAGECOACH!
Only 4 projectiles will ricochets to other enemies!
Nearly all Jacob’s shotguns are now useless, go for a one pump chump.

Wait, what?

So, only 4 total? Out of 21/25??

Why break a 5 leaf clover rare PURPLE weapon? This makes no sense

Yes they did, It’s in the patch notes somewhere.

I created a very Brutal Fade Away FL4K that fires them into enemies at point blank range in fade away then uses headcount to get Fade Away back to do it again.

The best Jakobs shotgun I could find that could actually perform on Mayhem 10 was…the Skullmasher. None of the (actual) Jakobs shotguns seemed to do enough damage, though that will hopefully change with today.

If they ever tighten the spread pattern of the Tidal Wave and speed up the projectiles on it though, bodies are going to drop.

@Aaron0000 If what was said above was correct about the forthcoming change to Jakobs shotguns coming with today’s patch, Jakobs shotguns may become obsolete altogether and we may HAVE to use the Skullmasher as a shotgun. Why would they remove/nerf the LITERAL DEFINING FEATURE of Jakobs shotguns?!? I am a little skeptical until I see it for certain. This seems a little foolish.