Best kills in Borderlands 2?

Yep, it’s that thread again! Just list your best kills here.

Here are some of mine:

  • On a recent playthrough, I accidentally shot the barrels with my Jakobs revolver behind a Suicide Psycho near the final objective in Southpaw Steam and Power. Cue the Psycho hurtling into the fence, bouncing off and falling into the abyss.
    -I usually snipe the 3 psychos near the entrance too, but instead I threw a grenade. It was hilarious.
    -Similarly, I enjoy fighting in Southern Shelf Bay, but the best parts were when I shot a bunch of Marauders on the boat and all of them died slumped against the corrugated metal, and when I got rid of 4 Shotgun Midgets with a grenade, resulting in them somehow landing behind the bar counter, limbs unharmed.
    -I caused a fistfight between a (Badass) God-Liath, a (started from a normal) Super Badass Goliath and a Ultimate Badass Loot Goon Goliath. Result: Bodies littering the first part from Frostburn Canyon, some kickass loot and me limping back to the health station with about 2 health or so.

I’ve had some funny ones, but the one I’m most proud of is my first 1 shot/kill on an Ultimate Badass with Zero.

I’ve only just started playing melee Zero, so… that was pretty cool.

One kill I’m not terribly proud of: One of my battles with Captain Flynt had him leveling too far above me to do any real damage. So I stayed out of the arena area so I didn’t trigger their agro. I found a little crack in between the boards of the walls. Scouted around until I could see Flynt. I then proceeded to alternate between a slag sniper and jackobs sniper for the next 25 minutes until he was dead.

Luckily there was an ammo vending machine 15 feet away :smile:

I like punching people off edges with Salvador

I was freshly specced into bloodsplosion and went to fight Old Slappy. Instant love for that skill.

But for some reason I remember jumping off a platform, throwing a buzzaxe at some marauder, landing next to him as he is staggering, then burying the axe in his face. Felt like a badass.

Just started playing with zero and bored through 3 loader bots and took out a badass constructer, it was awesome! Can’t wait to get to endgame play!

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A bunch of Loaders lined up to fight me in the Bloodshot Ramparts.

They died. Neatly.

Also, I attacked a Killer Marauder just now…just as he fell dead, he was promptly shot in the face by Mordy, who screamed “FEEEEEEEEEL IT!”